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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Flowers!!

I am working like crazy to get better at blogging.....but for those of you who know me well, getting this far must have shocked you!!
I recently encountered a woman who was castigating me for not knowing more about computers....this 87 year old woman shook her finger at me and scolded me with....."Donna!! We are not going backwards!! Computers are here to must learn how to use them!" She turned around and disappeared. And all I could think of as I sat there shaking was...."She is so right.." So I have girded up my loins and set out to learn just a little bit. Then I add to that and so on and so on. That rather brittle woman changed my thinking, and changed my attitude that I could change. Her resolve was to not let the world pass her by...she was determined not to miss out on anything. I am sure it was as difficult for her to learn about computers as it has been for me. The difference? She didn't stop.....I may not be the best at this...but I will get better. My 87 year old friend didn't stop....I won't about you?