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Monday, May 20, 2019

Mick Jagger Is My Spirit Animal

Mick Jagger has always been "that guy" for me. He has effortlessly gone through life simply being the coolest guy in the room.  If you start making a note of his shortcomings, stop. I'm not holding him up as an example of ANYTHING except simply being the coolest guy in the room.

That is until now.

Mick Jagger is now the absolute best example of never giving up and not letting an age number chart his course. And this is why Mick Jagger is my spirit animal. 

Let's recap, Mick has not always had the healthiest lifestyle, in the early days of the Stones he was a proper rock star doing all the mischief making rock stars do. I am not advocating any of his mischief making, in fact he is doing what he is doing today in spite of it. 

Here is what I am preaching (cut to inspirational music in the background) 

"Brother Mick is 75 years old and is bringing back the old testament life expectancies of hundreds of years of life. And not just sitting around the tent-life...but a life of performing, exploring, learning, teaching and yes....dancing!" 

I firmly believe that we must shake off the ideas of our parents which regulated them to the couch at 60. They believed all kinds of things that are just not true. They downsized before they wanted to  because they were convinced the family home was simply too much for them. They stopped growing, exploring, creating, teaching and well, living, mostly because they stopped believing they were alive. And then they stopped's hard I know, but we have to move! I have proven that exercise is not the sole answer for the fountain of youth (Speaking of moving I haven't moved the scale much) but it is a component that moves everything else. 

Think of moving as the project manager. Moving your body tells your brain you are alive and it's time to do something. So what do you want to do? Get out that pen and a notebook and let's make some plans. Planning together is the best way to get things done, you need a tribe. If you don't have one, create one, join one...find one! Why do you think chicken is best with a sauce? Nothing is good alone. That's why life coaches are so popular, it's why Oprah was such a guru. It's why we have trainers, event planners and hair stylists ( I tell Crystal everything) ...we need encouragement from people we trust that will help us get out the butt-kicking machine! 

On my list of goals is giving a Ted Talk so I attended a Speech class from Amy Ayoub the Zen Speaker. Oh my gosh was it incredible! And was I the oldest person in the room? Yes! And aren't they lucky to have my wisdom and acceptance? Yes! And did I have to stomp out the tapes in my head of my father asking me why I would waste time "at my age" to take a speech class? Yes!! Sadly, I did. But I stomped those tapes out, put on some red lipstick and went out the was fabulous. 

Just Move!!!!

Being stronger and more fit is also a goal because that is how I can achieve all my other goals. I have to be strong both for my life and my business, so I go to a great gym three times a week. (you must contact me for info on Xuberance because it is literally giving me what I need physically) Am I the oldest person at my gym? Yes.....Do I care? Well, at first I did but then I got past it and focused on how much better I felt. But it has not been easy, and sometimes I have to use the 5 second rule to get there. Once I am there Sarah, Anthony and Josh encourage me in every way to get the job done. And I know I am stronger for it. Wait..I am MUCH stronger so I am dwelling on that and not the scale, The scale will come along as I continue this process. It's obvious I haven't lost much weight and I know that doesn't make me the best ambassador for the Christie Brinkley award but every other one of my numbers are where they are supposed to be and I am so grateful for that.

None of us want to do hard things...but we can do it if we do it together. I need some input, one thing this week. What is your morning routine/breakfast/like? I need new breakfasts, new ideas...what do you do??