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Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Francis.....

I was thrilled yesterday when it was announced that the new Pope would be called Pope Francis.

One of my favorite sayings is " Preach the Gospel everyday, and if you have to use words."  St. Francis of Assisi.

That is a great way of saying... be yourself, but be a really good version of yourself ...because who you are is what you are preaching.  You know, your brand.  The saying doesn't even have to be religious, actually, everyone should be their best self.

St. Francis of Assisi said it first...

I said it after him.

And then Pope Francis said it this morning because St. Francis said it.

Raymond and I got married at St. Francis, so If you have carefully followed the trail I developed you can see I feel connected to Pope Francis.

What's not to love about Pope Francis?  He paid his own hotel bill, rode the elevator with all the Cardinals (who knew Popes rode in elevators alone?) and then got in the car with the Cardinals.  The Popemobile remained Pope-less.  Then he asked the Cardinals to bless him before he blessed them.
He seems like a regular guy.  We love regular people...and when those regular people become our leaders we love it when they remain regular people.  

I cannot even imagine the pressure he feels right now being the shepherd for such a large flock.  Our prayers are with him....I think Pope Francis is going to be a great Pope.