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Friday, July 19, 2013

I just did what Stevie Nicks would do....

The worst part is I know better!!  But I did it anyway....I went with a special from a carpet cleaning company I had never used before.  Their advertised special is not a special at all.  It is a bait and switch...unfortunately the very nice young man who was given the job of letting me know they could not possibly clean my carpets for their "special" price, but for a price 3x's the amount, was right in front of me and not the woman I spoke to earlier who assured me the price is firm.   The price was, wait for it.....3x's the amount we agreed to!!  (worlds longest sentence...sorry but I am acrimonious!!  No time for pausing)

I told this very nice young man to gather up his equipment and ease on down the road. He called his supervisor, a not very nice man.  Who assured me I did not know how carpet cleaning companies worked.  I assured him I did know how his carpet cleaning business worked.  If I wanted the Gambino family to clean my carpets I would have called them.

The advertised special is the price....unless you want us to bring in all of our equipment and actually do the job.
Or plug in the machine
Or use a carpet cleaning product

Basically the special was lightly dragging a steam cleaner over the carpet.  And when I was not happy with it he would just say, I told you to do the deep cleaning, can't help you, sucka.

I am so sorry I gave in to my need to find a better deal.   My daughter's boyfriend is coming for the weekend and at noon today I looked at my ancient carpet and thought I have to get this cleaned.  It looked like the bottom of a bird cage.  My regular company increased their prices and I was trying to save some money, so I called someone else who advertised a great deal.  I put all the furniture outside, in the kitchen and dining room.  You know that look?  The one after the hoarder police have gone through the hoarders house?  Cleaning carpets is a great excuse to deep clean every thing and get the Cheetos out from under the couch.  But I like for the process to happen within the space of one day.  Not so on this regular guys can't get here until 1 tomorrow.  I am up on blocks

 I definitely make an impression on my daughter's boyfriend each time he comes.

The first time he came my husband was arrested and spent the entire day in jail.  Suffice it to say over zealous police and a bench warrant for a ticket he had paid.  We just had our insurance overhauled and gone through, you would think they would find his license was suspended.  It was mortifying.  But my husband was able to make many new friends....

The next time he came my husband threw his back out and couldn't get out of bed.

The next time the air conditioner was leaking in the room he was staying and water was everywhere along with a warped ceiling.

The next time he got sick....oh my.

Well the good news is we can lay on the floor in the den, watch TV, eat popcorn and throw it at each other....

Please don't let it rain.