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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The things that bring us joy

Recently some folks have unfriended me on facebook. And here I thought I was lovable and my cuteness would transcend politics. For the record I was very sad when Romney didn't win, but I never hated anyone who voted for Obama. I didn't unfriend anyone.....Not. One. Time.

The rejection should have meant nothing, but having someone say they didn't want to be friends caused me to feel like an insecure teenager.  So, I reacted like I did when I was an insecure teenager...I retreated to my books.

I decided to go through my book shelves in order to give some away, and maybe dust. Books I had already read and didn't love or didn't intend to read I put to the side. While making a pile of super giveaways one book in particular caught my attention and I had a strong impression to open it. I realized it had been a gift from my friend who recently passed away. Inside the cover she had written, "Look in chapter 3, I underlined the parts that reminded me of you." What an incredible gift from her for this sad day.  I don't know how long ago it was she gave the book to me but as I read through chapter 3 I noticed she underlined "noble individual" and "knowledge does away with darkness, suspense and doubt".  She had no idea that years after she wrote in this book I would find it at just the right time when I needed comfort, wisdom and love.

Once again my books did not let me down, not when I was an insecure teeenager and not today when I was an insecure adult. In their many forms books will be a purveyor of exactly what you need.

If Keahi were here today she would have said exactly what she did in the message from the book she gave me years ago.

My other touchstone, Valerie,  would remind me to focus on peace, as it is the only emotion that cannot be counterfeited.

We are never left alone so don't be afraid.