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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Very Good Among Us

As the numbness wore away from the shootings Sunday night the people in our community simply said, "What can we do?" It's a sentence that has been uttered a lot lately, from Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico...People want to know what they can do. It's inherent to want to help and we have seen it over and over again.

We saw it in Houston as people were rescued and when those people were rescued they went back and rescued others

We saw it in Florida...and now in Puerto Rico.

The awful shooting from Sunday night showed people at their best, and as their stories are told you will see how truly courageous they were. People with trucks loading victims up and taking them to the hospital, using police barricades as stretchers, refrigerators as bunkers. Strangers making tourniquets for bleeding strangers. It happened over and over again.

The Sheriff mentioned blood was needed and immediately the lines were blocks long.  They aren't even taking more blood until Thursday. So people showed up to feed the folks standing in the blood lines! 

Everyone found some way to serve.  

A request went out about noon that Ronald McDonald house needed supplies for the 80 family members of shooting victims staying there. About 200 people showed up with food, blankets, stuffed toys and more foods and in 1 hour we filled the backs of 3 trucks and an entire trailer. That happened all over the valley...Ronald McDonald House was overwhelmed and several other organizations benefited from the overflow.
I don't worry about mankind, when faced with real problems they show exactly what they are made of. Their Godlike qualities show through.

People are good. We might have been reminded of how precarious life is, but we were also reminded of how good life is. And how very good people can be.

Live your life looking to help and serve.
Write words that are filled with light.
Be Kind