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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wouldn't Stevie Love This?

A friend asked me if it was normal to be I thought about it for a minute and came up with something I am going to do today....

I am actually going to follow my own advice.

Everyone gets depressed ....embrace it, you can even give it a whole day if you want...but then move on.  If it lingers too long you may need to find out if it is organic, and then get some real help.   We are all made of fallen stuff, and that means it is normal to go through ebbs and flows. 

So try some of these simple fixes.....Be your own best friend....take yourself to a nursery if you like plants,

a bookstore if you like books....

to Williams and Sonoma if you love to cook, or maybe find a new herb. 

Listen to some music from a time in your life that was totally without responsibilities.


Have a great prayer and tell the Lord how grateful you are for all the amazing blessings you are four of mine....

But the sure fire cure?  Make a list of 3 women  you know that have recently gone through a trial.  Be their Fairy Godmother...stop by just for a "hug and a kiss"  drop them a plant or a book or some music or a new herb (see how you can multitask?)
Depression is a part of life,  unless it is organic, it will pass.

And even if you aren't depressed this is a good idea.....right?