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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Salvador Dali or Thomas Kincaid?

The name of this painting is "Hard Margins". The artist is Salvador Dali.... This painting is the reason I have no problem with politicians changing their mind on anything.

I am a flip-flopper on art.

Although I still marvel at the physical details, and I see beauty in this painting, I don't know if I would buy it today. My husband and I bought 6 Dali's the year we were married. We considered ourselves future art collectors, and it was cool to like Dali's....and if you like a head with it's brains falling out, being pulled through the ground covered by ants, then you will like it too. We were only going to buy 3 but the art dealer kept telling us Dali was going to die soon and that our pictures would be worth, "so much more." I think Dali was conveniently on his death bed for ten years. Death is a strong selling point for art dealers.

Anyway about the paintings, in the early 1950's Dali was commissioned by the Italian government to create illustrations of the text of Dante's "Divine Comedy" in honor of poet's birth. As you can imagine Italians did not like having a Spanish artist illustrating what is considered the most respected and greatest epic poem in their nations history. And to make it worse have you seen Dali? He is as unusual as his paintings.

Italians take their art seriously and they also take offense easily...

When the project was eventually dropped by the Italian government (grazie) Dali took what he had already created to a friend and art publisher the very French Joseph Foret. Dali finished the collection over the next nine years and they were published in six volumes between 1960 and 1964. The collection included 101 watercolors...from what are some of the most beautiful combinations of colors and shapes to some of the most unusual things I have ever seen.

The images are in three categories, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. We, of course, have 2 from Hell, and 2 from Purgatory. I hope it didn't say anything about our new marriage that we didn't choose one from Paradise.

This one is called Ecstatic Visions, if you look at it long enough you will have visions for sure. Because I hate edges and heights, I always worry they will jump. So far so good.

This one is called "Betrayers to their Homeland"
or "Traitors of Monteperti". Personally I like the Traitor title. Sounds more dramatic, nothing is more dramatic than having a head pulled through a crack......

And then one more.....

Apparition of the Ancestor......My favorite, I love the colors, it doesn't matter that I have the art appreciation of a Philistine. What matters is that I like shiny objects and pretty colors. Most people don't know much about art or how would you explain the dogs playing poker pictures? We get to like what we like....and if our tastes change, well so be it. So if your taste are the old masters, or flowers, or sailboats....Thomas Kincaid or Grandma get to like what you like. To be a patron of the arts doesn't take a degree, or even a lot of money...just a little bit of interest.

So.....What art do you like?

Monday, May 16, 2011

My contribution to "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

This is what I believe in on a fundamental level. I say, "I believe" a lot. Mostly because I believe in a lot of things. But most of all....

I believe in fact I do believe that laughter is the best medicine. I believe in optimism, I believe in a cup half full as opposed to a cup half empty.

I believe in toughing out the hard times and holding on until the storm is over.

I believe in praying, and pleading to God for strength. And I believe He gives it to us.

I believe in immersing yourself in something that gives you joy. And staying there until you can laugh again.

I believe we have hard times. It is part of the plan. Those hard times are important and that we should be present while they are occurring. And as they wash over us just like waves changing the sand on the beach, those hard times will change us. And if we remember to laugh, then those changes will be profound.

And we will fly.

Just for fun follow the link below and laugh at a comic who never fails to make me laugh out loud until I hurt.

Happy laughter day!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Opal Leigh, Madeline and Jerry

Put a camera on a football player after a great play and what does he say? "Hi Mom!" We all tear up, we love it....the love between a mother and a child trumps almost every other relationship there is is is major.

But sometimes this relationship takes some strange turns. But that is all it is, a turn

Take me for instance I have three birth mother, Opal Leigh......Madeline the woman who adopted me with my dad, and Jerry my step mom....who married my dad when I was six.

My childhood wasn't exactly a scene from Oliver Twist, but it was different.

These three women all influenced the woman I am today. For the longest time I felt I was the most unlucky person in the world. My birth mother gave me away, my first adopted mother Madeline divorced my dad, took me with her, gave me back to my dad, and then a few years later died. My step mom married my dad when I was 6 and I never thought she liked me. On the surface that seems like a lot of rejection, and terribly, terribly dramatic. From the perspective of an eighteen year old, which is the age I decided to feel really sorry for myself, it feels like a lot of rejection. Had life dealt me a lousy hand? Or was I amazingly blessed? Thank goodness I grew up, and saw my life for what it was, and not some big plot hatched to cheat me out of happiness.

There is the story of my birth mother Opal Leigh Jones...What a gift to know her name! I didn't know it until after my dad passed away and I found my adoption papers. I also discovered she had given me a name. Patti. Patti Jones. I like that name, I bet she named me after Patti Page...I may have only had that name for a day, but it's a good strong name. And Opal Leigh? That is a great Texas name, it is as Texan as Neiman-Marcus! Being from Texas has always been my heritage....I may not know anything about my actual lineage, but I do know I am from Texas. And then after seeing my birth mother's name I knew birth mother is Texan. I know it sounds odd, but that name connected me to a place, and that felt so good.

Opal Leigh did the most noble thing, she gave me up for adoption to a family who couldn't have children. Arnold and Madeline Beckman....I wandered into their lives at the age of 2 days..
Madeline was the best hunter and the best fisherman...she could also out drink everyone too, and had a fabulous pink Cadillac.
She loved to do my hair, lots of curls, lots of bows, and I had an never ending series of dresses....frilly dresses and patent leather shoes, even hats and purses to match. It's funny the things you remember isn't it?

My parents divorced when I was so little, my mother took me to Alaska, it was the farthest she could get from my dad. After awhile Madeline wasn't able to take care of me so she sent me back to my dad. I only saw her a couple of times after that, she passed away when I was 8. The day I found out she died was the hardest day of my childhood. I really didn't believe them, and I looked for her for years.

And then what had to be the hardest job, Jerry was the step mom. She married my dad when I was six....I know now that she did the best job she could, but we never had that mother daughter thing I yearned for. I remember being in a restaurant one time when I was very young. I watched a young girl about my age having lunch with her mother. I remember it so clearly. They were laughing together, and the way they looked at each other.....just a look of love, acceptance, and friendship. Jerry loved me, I know she did, but we never had that relationship. We limped through my adolescence, doing our best. My parents had lots of financial problems which kept their lives very stressful. The really good news is before she passed away we mended the parts of our lives that had been broken. As I have gotten older and have some stress in my life as well, I understand why things happened the way they did. I not only have put the negative things behind me, but I have realized how much I learned from things not being perfect.

I believe in the law of compensation And you know that time I described in the restaurant, the scene with the mother and daughter? The one I wanted so badly? I have that with all of my children. They are not only wonderful children that I love ferociously, but great friends too. I have only been married a wonderful man who simply and completely loves me. the greatest gift of my married life is I have never, not even once, doubted him. So for all of the circuitous twists my childhood took, I didn't repeat the really hard parts.

Life can be a great teacher.

I want to wish my three moms a Happy Mother's Day. I honor them all, and thank them for their sacrifices, their love and for all they added to my life.

Thank you Opal Leigh, Madeline and Jerry....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Donny and Marie Marry!! I Mean Marie and Steve Remarry!!

It has been a big week for me. Kate And Will get married...have to get a gift for them...then we finally find Osama, thank goodness for GPS. And now today I have to find another gift because Marie Osmond remarries her first her first wedding dress.

Was that part of the deal? Like if she didn't fit into the dress she couldn't get married? Sort of like if the shoe doesn't fit......I think I have been reading too many fairy tales.......

Best of luck to the happy couple...