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Monday, January 30, 2012

OK, now I am really mad....

Most of the people who read my blog will not be interested in the tirade I am about to go off on. So please just send this link to your crazy uncle or deadbeat cousin and be done with it.

I am hear by recommending that Rush Limbaugh rename his program "The Newt Gingrich Show". I have had it. We are to believe that Newt can reform from his philandering ways....but Mitt Romney can't change his mind. Perhaps at 68 the philandering ship has sailed, but seriously? Newt? Perhaps Mr. Limbaugh doesn't remember Sharon Angle. The tea party favorite who was not Nevada's best candidate and frankly was embarrassing.

Seriously Newt?

And by the way, I loved Sarah Palin. She was me....a housewife who worked her way up all the way to vice presidential nominee....and now she endorses (or might as well) Newt. I see her now as someone who has a lot of money and power and is not handling it very well. And is throwing her weight around saying things that don't even make sense......

I joined the Republican Party in the year 2000. Mostly to vote for a friend of mine in a primary. I am a social conservative, and a fiscal conservative....I mostly voted republican anyway....but who are these people? Rush and Sara look like my unreasonable cousin who is still mad I got my grandmother's flatware.

Seriously Newt?

I felt the same way when Sharon Angle was nominated. Here we go, another 6 years of Reid doing nothing for Nevada. And I was right. I met with a businessman this morning who needed my support on a project he is doing. They all say the same thing, no one is helping Nevada get back on their feet. Not a single politician....ever see Reid? Ever see any of them?

I will not support an unelectable candidate again. I will not vote for Obama because he has tried to get us back to work and he can't. Everything else he stands for doesn't really affect me....and probably doesn't very many others......but he never gets up and gives us the Braveheart Speech....

I want the Braveheart speech! I want people to believe in themselves again! I want people to start taking chances...get out there and fight for your home, and your way of life.

Don't let Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and the rest of them talk you out of what you know is right. And if they still speak to you then great. But think for yourself. If Gingrich had done such a great job in Washington he would have a lot more support from those he worked with.

Read what Steve Largent has to say about him. Largent probably won't endorse Romney because of Romney's religion, but read what he says about Gingrich.

Just a I am going back to clean my bathroom.