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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Isn't this is Fabulous?

I have a video to share...I found it on a fellow bloggers blog...when she said it made her happy I had to see. And sure enough, it made me smile.

Oh, and the picture of dressed up Chihuahua's? When I was little my parents raised Chihuahua's and I truly did dress them up. Evidently there is something compelling about dressing up Chihuahua's...and here is proof. Sometime I will find the picture of the three dogs I dressed as cowboys,in chairs, ready for high tea. Priceless, or decide.

Anyway the following video proves how small the world is. I believe there are some really good, positive reasons for the world to shrink. And this shows how beautiful the world beautiful people are....and how optimistic we should be.

It also looks like the kind of movie my son Trey would make. Instead of a guy named Matt, this so easily could be Trey. He would have loved to be involved in this.....just making people happy. Isn't that a great thing to say about another person?

As for me I am going to be positive and hopeful for the next 5 weeks. I am going to love these holidays. A great man said not very long ago......."Come what may, and love it." There is so much to love, if we look for it. So much to be happy about, if we chose it. And so much good to accomplish if we do it. Three verbs...three ideas....looking, choosing, and doing.

On my walk this morning I plugged the Ipod in my ear and lipsynched down the street to Gloria Gaynor and "I will survive". Not because of some message, I just think it is a great powerful song, easy to sing to and easy to dance to....and please don't dwell on the mental image of me dancing and singing down my street. I am certain I frightened the neighbors...but no matter what, I was smiling!

I am going to do something to smile about every day....maybe even laugh out loud. It is my new challenge. Tell me, what you do to laugh out loud? you....laugh out loud? I hope so.

Enjoy the video....I loved it. And watch how he made it too, there is a link for that, just here to help.

And have a great think it is going to be a great one!