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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am not a political operative, although I would love to be. I would be fabulous at that.....but alas, I am I am giving my opinion and advice to President Obama completely free! This is an even better deal than the entire country of the United States which right now, is 50% off. (Except for Las Vegas which is an even better deal)

The Obama campaign has put forth a website called in an effort to combat inaccurate information about the president.

As a dopey middle aged woman I can help you save some time and money....this will not work.

President Obama this is not how you convince people what your message is. You just lead and let people figure out who you are. If your message is clear people will catch on.

As a Mormon I have the same problem President Obama has. People believe all kinds of things about me that aren't true. And the only way I can convince people they are believing falsehoods is to be me.

I have been asked why I can't eat Chocolate on Sunday. My husband has been asked how many wives he has (the idea of more wives like me gives him great pause). Generally folks have asked me whole host of things that I have just stared at them over.

But honestly the only one that bothers me is when folks think I don't believe in Christ And if someone really wants to believe that, there is nothing I can do to change their mind. Except be who I am.

So President Obama defending yourself will never work. Save your time, breath and money....just be who you are and let people figure you out on their own.

We are all our best definition of who we are. I hope there is enough evidence to convict me of being who I claim to be.