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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My thoughts on the wedding...

I am sure you are all sitting on the couch right now, pushing the newspapers aside thinking, "what were Donna's thoughts on the wedding?"

Love to help...

I thought it rocked. I loved the colors, loved her dress, loved that her sister looked fabulous....(she brought new life to bridesmaids dresses - no longer will bridesmaids have to suffer, they can throw it back on the bride, give me a Pippa dress!)

My two favorite moments? the first was the Queen and Camilla - the Queen shakes hands with all the Abbey boys...skips a courtesying (did I make up that word?) Camilla who went in for a kiss, oops, no kiss for Camilla...kiss for Charles, and on down the aisle in her fabulous yellow hat. No matter what, the royal gig is tough..even for Prince Charles wife.

Second favorite, actually my favorite..was when they went out on the balcony and Kate saw all of England standing there...her very real reaction? "Oh wow!"


And that one little flower girl...I loved her face!!

I hope the "common" part of her never goes away. When I was younger my friend Beth shared with me her thoughts about adoption. She felt adoption was a fabulous idea for any blood adopting Kate into the royal family is a great certainly was good for the economy of Britain. The sale of mugs alone will help the bottom line considerably!

As for me and my all-royal-all-the-time life this past week, my diction is better, my posture is straighter and I feel a need to polish the silver. All things British is not so bad actually - I have also been saying 'actually' a lot. I also feel a need to garden.....

It was fabulous that Kate looked like a medieval Queen......William the Conqueror could have been there. I loved all the trees in the Abbey and the fact that there weren't any sinister characters lurking about..that is one thing medieval stories always have, the wicked stepmother, the uncle who should have the throne..all those fabulous folks shuffling around...this was just hats, feathers, uniforms and royal subjects. See, in England even the regular people are royal!

And they were all so happy.....Isn't it good to find something to celebrate? with my new crisp diction, straighter posture and shiny silver, I am going to find something to celebrate every day..I can't depend on England to put a wedding together just to get me to shine my silver.

My best to everyone getting married....I hope everyone wears a hat!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Trey!!

So how blessed am I? Four times a year I get to remember my children's birthdays in details only I know. Yesterday I spent the day remembering when Trey was born. There were lots of things about his birth that I inherently knew. I knew he was a boy...almost from the beginning. And on April 27th I knew he was coming. However, the good people at the hospital didn't know he was coming. In fact they told me to go home. I refused...(this began my tradition of being the worst maternity patient ever) So they sent me to the back parking lot to walk...walk until my water broke. And I did, and it did...a few hours later this sweet little boy came into our lives.......

Four sweet little spirits sailed into our lives over the years, different births for sure but the same in forever changing our lives...helping us grow up..making us into better people and giving us the opportunity to reach outside ourselves and love four amazing people....right from the beginning!

Happy Birthday Trey!
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Good luck William and Kate!

I have read with some amusement people's opinions on the royal marriage. The spectrum has gone from boredom to excitement. Some folks have said they are so over it...easy to do with the never ending stream of information about a family we will never meet....never really know what they think....and because of that, never really understand.

Americans seem way more interested than the Brits are. But I doubt them, don't like them, the Windsors are their crazy uncle....the one you put up with during holidays. And talk about when he isn't in the room. He is never quite functional, in fact the family is always surprised he dresses himself...yet we still set a place for him at the table.

So it is with the Windsors....we may cluck at the waste, deride the time spent wondering what she will wear and get angry we can't find anything on television that isn't somehow related to Will and Kate.....we still secretly wish that just one time we could ride down a street in a horse drawn carriage, surrounded by men in uniform......meeting our handsome prince.

Admit looks pretty cool.

On another note I am amazed that when Kate gets stressed she loses weight....I would be the fat princess...getting out of the carriage with one hand on the door and one with a crumpet, or a danish or a doughnut...a little jam on my upper lip, but a smile nonetheless! I find stress is best served with carbohydrates. Kate just stopped eating...poor thing.

I just want to see her dress.

I know everything else....