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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good luck William and Kate!

I have read with some amusement people's opinions on the royal marriage. The spectrum has gone from boredom to excitement. Some folks have said they are so over it...easy to do with the never ending stream of information about a family we will never meet....never really know what they think....and because of that, never really understand.

Americans seem way more interested than the Brits are. But I doubt them, don't like them, the Windsors are their crazy uncle....the one you put up with during holidays. And talk about when he isn't in the room. He is never quite functional, in fact the family is always surprised he dresses himself...yet we still set a place for him at the table.

So it is with the Windsors....we may cluck at the waste, deride the time spent wondering what she will wear and get angry we can't find anything on television that isn't somehow related to Will and Kate.....we still secretly wish that just one time we could ride down a street in a horse drawn carriage, surrounded by men in uniform......meeting our handsome prince.

Admit looks pretty cool.

On another note I am amazed that when Kate gets stressed she loses weight....I would be the fat princess...getting out of the carriage with one hand on the door and one with a crumpet, or a danish or a doughnut...a little jam on my upper lip, but a smile nonetheless! I find stress is best served with carbohydrates. Kate just stopped eating...poor thing.

I just want to see her dress.

I know everything else....


  1. My Wife and her mom and 2 sisters are all about the wedding. They were over last nite just a yapping about it. I had to get out so I mowed the grass.

    I wont need to watch it. They know all about it.

    I hope their marriage is forever and much happier than the last couple of royal weddings. They never seem to be like the Happily Ever After fairy tales we grew up with.

    Aside from that I am over it. To each his/her own. Hope you enjoy.

  2. I, too, wish them a Happily Ever After! And yes, Ms. Donna, carbs ease the stress very well~ Thank Kew!! Waiting to see the dress and the headdress, wouldn't mind a few of those crown jewels in my collection...

  3. I wish I would lose weight when I get stressed!

    I think it will be fun to watch. She seems darling.