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Monday, May 21, 2012

Continuing the soul search....

I wrote last week that I was going to start a search my soul.  Do a little digging so to say....and see what comes up.

I started by cleaning my closet.  Christine Northrup said she has carved out a bit of heaven by decluttering her home.  So I started in my closet.  I use about 3 things that are in my closet because I have successfully eaten my way out of almost everything I own.  I keep thinking I will lose the 20 pounds that keeps me from wearing what at least used to be nice clothes.  I simply cannot buy clothes that fit me right now.  I am afraid if I do,  this will become my new normal.  According to my mirror this present size makes me look at least 5 years older, and, well, squishy.....

So I took everything out of the closet....everything.  And then I went through it all, made myself a promise to lose weight and put back what I would wear if it would fit.  I know, I know I am not being realistic,  but even if I did get rid of everything that didn't fit I wouldn't be able to replace anything.  And that wouldn't be, "a bit of heaven."

Although it doesn't sound like a huge improvement, it is to me.  I was able to touch everything and decide if I needed it, or liked it.  I got rid of shoes, bags and clothes.  I haven't gone to the drawers yet.  But this was a great step.

I am happy with my effort on this.

The next thing I did was think about what inspires me.  And on every level it was simple.  I love a story about someone who refuses to give up.  The task may seem insurmountable, but the individual listens to no one except "that still, small voice"  The voice that cannot be counterfeited and can only be heard when we are truly attempting to listen.  Still and small can sometimes be drowned out by our own desires and the noise of the world.

This is why Seabiscuit, Field of Dreams and Remember the Titans are such great movies to watch when you are down.  Think you can't do it?  There are lots of stories to prove you wrong.  All you have to do is want something, something good.   And then make a plan to get it.....and then believe with all your heart that  you can do it.

How did Columbus get across the ocean?  He wanted to do it, he made a plan and then he did it.
How did we get to the moon?  Someone told us we could do it, we made a plan and then did it.
OK, how did we get underarmour?  Someone saw a need, made a plan and then did it.

Dreams are not made of cheese (unless you want to make cheese, cheesemaker is a worthy profession)......dreams are made of a pent up desire to achieve something that will make us happy.

Recently a friend of mine quit his banker job to go back to what he  In this economy he gave himself permission to be happy.  He made a plan and then he did it, and he is happy.

Another friend loves to travel, she formed a travel business and is making that work.  Even if you think you can make travel arrangements online....she can do it better.  She gave herself permission to do what she really wanted to do....and it is working.

Dream, plan, believe, do it......

Another friend moved to the woods....

My husband wants to cater.....he is learning how to do it, and he will succeed.

I know a woman who makes ties for little boys and sells them on the internet.

Another woman who sells hair ribbons, little girls clothes and other darling little girl things...

I have another friend who makes the best cakes in the world, 2 others who take pictures....beautiful pictures.

Dream, plan, believe, do it......

Our nation is in a pickle right now.  We are ham-stringed by leaders who tell us we are small and they must do our thinking.  Unfortunately, that comes at a huge price....lots of taxes and regulations....all to keep us small.  But that's  not who we are, we don't need anyone to tell us what we cannot do...only that we can do.

But also, that message has to start with us...WE  have to start talking to ourselves about how no matter what the opposition looks like, we can achieve our dreams.   No negative voices.  No one to tell you to watch out, or hold back.

Dream, plan, believe, do it......

Part of my problem is I stopped dreaming....literally stopped dreaming.  No day dreams or night time dreams.  However, I am happy to tell you I am dreaming again.  They are a little dumb right now....I am out of the habit, but I am dreaming, I started with night time dreams.  Let me tell you what happened...I have a friend, I consider her a very close friend, but we have never met.  My children think it is a little weirdthat I have a cyber friend who I talk about as if she lives next door.  My husband thinks nothing of it because he knows I am a little weird.  No doubt Ann is my dear, dear friend.  We even have lots of friends in common, and we have talked about meeting, but so far it hasn't occurred.  We met online about 10 years ago when I commented on a column she wrote.  I thought she was funny and brilliant....and I told her so.  She wrote back, I wrote back, she wrote back and then I officialized our friendship.  Two write-backs and it's official....friends!  Anyway I had a dream about sponsoring a 5K run.  As I was walking over the starting line to see everyone,  Ann's father walked up to me and said Ann was running in the race and to go see her when the race was over.  In real life I  have not met Ann's father.  I have seen pictures of him and that is how I recognized him.  After we finished talking I went to find a place to watch the race when I ran into her mother!  I haven't met her mother, and I don't even have a picture of her, but she said she was Ann's mother and she said I had to make sure I was at the finish line to meet her.  I look up from our conversation and see all the runners come to the finish line.  The loud speaker announces Ann is in the lead....I start running to meet her....and then I woke up....without meeting her.  But I will...

There a real life odd dream!!

I am going to figure out what my real dream is.  I will follow the pattern, dream, plan, do it.

I will stop listening to the voices who say we are too young, or too old.  Not enough schooling, too much schooling.....maybe we want to change a bad habit, or grow our hair really long....maybe we want to go to Hawaii....or run a race (Like Ann!!) ....maybe we just want to grow grapes.

Whatever it is get quiet, get a pen, get a plan and get going!  It is going to be fabulous......