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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Words, Words, Words

I was young when I heard the word "cryptic".  It had such an intriguing sound...cryptic.  I "looked it up" - for those of you without a 20th Century play book, that was the phrase we used instead of "google it".

Cryptic means mysterious.

Chasing words has been my passion ever since. I love words, short words, long words, and in between. It has been an intention of mine to use as many words as possible. Especially after I heard William Buckley, an incredible wordsmith, answer a reporter as to why he used so many big words.
He paused for a moment and said, "what would a piano concerto sound like if you only used the black keys? I use all the words"

Stringing words together is something that touches my soul in a way few things do. And reading beautiful writing is a joy. Rarely do I have the time to polish what I write. I dislike how many times I use "I".  That is just one of the many weaknesses in my writing. My kingdom to attend a creative writing class...all day long, for weeks. So many times I have regretted not taking advantage of my college classes. Youth was certainly wasted on me.

I yearn to sit at the feet of someone who can untangle my process and guide me through to a place where I can express what is truly in my soul.

And that is the key to happiness isn't it? Finding your passion and pursuing it, whether it is cooking, or sewing, gardening or ceramics...maybe you want to be a speaker or a designer. Maybe you want to turn sugar into salt. It's not too late.

Just be it.

I have sold one piece of writing in my life, one....yet I have the stones to call myself a writer. And why not?

Who makes the definitions anyway?

Very few things are really outside your grasp.

Go! What are you waiting for? Go be that person...Go!!