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Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's Get Out The Butt-Kicking Machine

So wherever it is you live I hope things are better financially...because in Las Vegas the economy is really, really bad. Losing a house is no longer news.....staying in your house is what is noteworthy.

And since no ideas, or counsel, is coming from our leaders, I conclude none of them have an idea of what to do. One of our Senators is the majority leader, he never comes to Las would be nice to know what he is thinking. And I couldn't pick our other Senator out of a line-up if the rest were bass. He was appointed because John Ensign resigned in disgrace. We have three congressmen....none have addressed our situation in any significant way.

I just want one leader, one breathing, thinking leader to stand up and do something!! One person that is all I am asking for who can stand up and give us hope...but all I hear are crickets. We, who pay for our community to exist, are running out of money. And then what happens?

It is reported that unemployment here is 14%, I am sure that number should be doubled. There is no work and none coming. No construction, no jobs, no hope.

If Nevadans have work they are worried they will keep it, if they don't have work they have little hope of finding any. If you are near retirement, you were hit the hardest....IRA's are decimated, homes are worth pennies of what they were...and finding work is, well, not fruitful, and my health insurance costs have gone up $200 a month this last a staggering $1250 a month for a family of four with good health. It is unsustainable.

Our homes are so underwater there is no recovery. Homes that were overpriced at $350,000 are now under priced at $95,000. Are people walking away from these homes? No, but they are running away from them. The whole country is 50% off, but Las Vegas is 80% off. It is hard to ask someone to stay in a home they paid $200,000 for when their neighbor is paying on a mortgage of $80,000. And the banks are happy to move a family out of home they can no longer afford, but then sell it to another for pennies....I don't get it.

I don't know why anyone stays. I have lived here for over 40 years, and things have been bad, then better, but we always had hope...and things got better.

So here is the obvious message from Nevada...we have given up. I don't see another communication. Our decline started in a real significant way when the president announced to the country not to go to Las Vegas. He was referring to corporations that he felt were over spending by scheduling conventions in Las Vegas...for him it was a throw away line......he was looking for a bit more austerity....Las Vegas felt the impact the next day. Room reservations were cancelled, conventions were cancelled and jobs started to vanish.....

And then it really got bad.

Don't get me wrong, in hindsight most of us would have made a lot of decisions differently. That is the way of the world, we try something it doesn't work, so we stop and try something different......but rarely is it such devastation. Starting over at thirty is much different than starting over at 60. In fact lesser people would not do it.

However, my family refuses to give up. We are going to start a business in the worst possible time. I am grateful we have an idea, I am grateful for talent we have. And maybe even a little grateful for not having a choice....desperation drives you to do things inertia might keep you from doing otherwise. And when I run into road blocks as I try and start this business, and I will, I will squeal louder than anyone should.

We have to realize we are dependent on each other. The trickle down theory is not for the wealthy only....when one person gets financially afraid, they stop going to the dry cleaners, and the dog groomer....they don't order a pizza, or send flowers...and the economy stops. So if you can afford it, and you need it, get a new oven, go out to eat, get your nasty feet done! In other words, spend your money if you can.

I am not apologetic for writing this today. I am the voice of so many who have no idea where to turn. And really tired of being ignored. If you disagree with anything I have said, tell me. I hope I am stirring up hornets...because until the right people get stung nothing is going to change.

I am looking for a butt-kicking machine.

And to think the French Revolution started because of dessert......