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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Night Brain Vs. Day Brain

So last night I was helping my daughter with her homework. I really don't want to see that homework in the light of day. It is amazing what a night brain will accept...night brain says all kinds of after sitting with Emma for hours my night brain said things like..."yea! that looks good!" Because all night brain wants to do is go to bed. And now that I think of it, night brain says all kinds of things that day brain would never say. Night brain says, "looks good, eat it!!" Day brain asks if you have exercised. Night brain looks at an unmade bed and sleeps on top of it, after putting clothes and socks on the brain not only makes the bed but sorts the socks. Night brain looks at messages and ignores them, day brain answers the phone. Night brain ignores dust, bills and deadlines. Day brain rearranges furniture.
The trick is to listen to the better angels in your head, ignore what you know is holding you back and go forward. If you want something different, you have to do something different. Stop listening to night brain, it's just a tired 'ole voice trying to keep you on the couch where it is...go out in the sun with day brain, your better angels! They are there. Find powerful!!

My Dad

My dad passed away 5 years ago, he had an accident with his bicycle and died thirteen days later. It was a blessing to him to be able to go home the way he did. And a blessing to me that I didn't have to watch him suffer. What he left behind was, to me at first, a huge mess. He collected all kinds of random things. We were never sure what we would run into. From insurance policies on credit cards for a few hundred dollars, to Mexican pesos. It didn't seem he had very much, but he did. He had the wherewithal to make sure his home was well cared for, his roof was in good shape, his windows were new. He had money in the bank and my name was on his bank account, although I have no idea when I did that. I was able to access funds right away to take care of his burial. He had already paid for his whole funeral. After we went through his hangar, closets and closed up bedrooms we were able to sell his home because he had done such a good job keeping things up and adding things other homes in his neighborhood didn't have. All in all, my dad did a good job, both in being a dad and being a good guy. I appreciate everything he did for me.