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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Being Militant....

How do you handle situations that make you really, really angry?  I am kind of confrontational when it comes to things I feel are wrong.  I try and get to the bottom of it, regardless of what it might be.  Today was just one of millions of times I have revealed my feelings about life on earth.  I will draw the curtain back on a little experience I had today and see what you think.

I rarely take clothes to the dry cleaners, we are on an austerity program which precludes luxuries such as someone else pressing our things. But the laundry was piling up and my husband took the clothes to the dry cleaners.  After all they only charge $1.25 to launder a shirt, that is a fair price so I didn't feel too guilty.  My husband's cotton shirts were $1.25 a shirt and wait for it, my cotton shirts were $2.50.

Why?  Our shirts are made from the same material.  I didn't take a silk shirt in...all cotton.  All of them.

Boom...if you are a girl your freight is more.

So we had a discussion, the dry cleaner and I.  I showed him the material and asked on what grounds he felt he could double the price.  He told me, with a straight face, that he used different temperatures on my shirts.

I assured him if he did he wasted the effort.

He told me he knew more about dry cleaning than I did.

I told him none of these shirts had been dry cleaned.  They were laundered, exactly the same.

He told me, "I promise I ironed them on different temperatures, that is the way it is done.  You don't know how this works."

I wish he was right, I wish I haven't been doing laundry for almost my whole life. I wish I didn't know exactly how laundry was done.  I revealed this information to him and let him know that his 21 years on earth didn't make him much of an expert.  In fact if you are 21 years old, how long could you be doing this anyway?

I knew he wasn't going to change his policy, but if we don't register our displeasure about the
stupid things we will eventually explode with frustration.

I will never least not with frustration.