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Thursday, August 4, 2011

When Stevie Nicks calls.....

Will you be ready with fresh and friendly banter when Stevie Nicks calls? If you are afraid of not having anything interesting to talk about I have a few suggestions...we can fill the gaps in your life with some from ours.

The other day my son and I were delivering food and I felt the need to PANIC, loudly, because we were late. Trey is great at football analogies and he calmly stated that by panicking I was not showing my best game face. He reminded me about Joe Montana and the 1989 Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals. The San Francisco 49ers were down by three points with 3:20 left when Montana spotted -- no, not an open receiver -- but a personality. "Isn't that John Candy?" And then he led the 49ers 92 yards, throwing for the winning touchdown with 34 seconds left.

Calm under pressure....if I was the quarterback with 34 seconds left..I might be throwing up in the huddle....just saying. But isn't that kind of confidence inspiring?

I want that kind of confidence.....but I digress......
This next part is hard....Two weeks from today my youngest child goes off to college. On every level that is hard. And since life is just a little bit harder for me than everyone else then here goes.... I may not survive. We went "dorm shopping" the other day....I was the picture of decorum, I only cried one time...

They are oh so excited to be on their own and that triggered such interesting conversations...How does the wash work? How many blankets do I need? Can I leave my shampoo in the bathroom? She has been in charge since she was one has more confidence. I know she will be fine...I however have to face the fact that this one part of my life has changed....forever.

The good news? I can use my "7 ways to use a chicken breast" on someone who may listen.
After she leaves there will be time to adjust....but for now, she still needs me a little....

So cute!

I will be fine, but isn't it interesting that it is a lot easier to adjust to starting a family than it is to adjust to having them leave....just saying.

Now on to more fun times to tell Stevie when she calls...
Ashleigh was celebrating a birthday and wanted to go to the Wynn for their brunch buffet. Sounds civilized doesn't it? Brunch? In Las Vegas a buffet means only one thing, strap on your big eating pants and go for a ride. Because, my friend, you will have to wait for a fork lift to take you back to the car.

In the mean time we all looked fabulous....especially the birthday girl.

But first we had to find it......

Convenient that the Ferrari dealership is right outside.

Unfortunately, this is all we could afford, peaking in the window. It costs ten dollars to go in..... Just to look!

These shops are amazing.....

The shoes are a work of art.

You have to at least look, right?

A dear friend of ours is in charge of all the plants and flowers at the Wynn.
He and his staff do an incredible job.

I thought this sign was hysterical. My dad was in the gaming business his whole life, and slot machines used to be something for the wives to do while they waited for their husbands. Nickel slots and then, gasp, a quarter. Now you can sit down and play a hundred dollars at a time. Can you imagine? No skill, just sit down and put a hundred dollars in a machine, hit a button and wait for chance to occur.
At least blackjack and Craps have some skill.....even with that, it's still a strange thing to do.
It's odd that money has so little value when folks are convinced they can get something for nothing.
By the way, you can't get something for nothing.

Don't you love eating in a place that is so festive? Even though we waited in line the same amount of time we would have if we were at Disneyland. But instead of Indiana Jones at the end, we enjoyed all you could eat shrimp....amazing!

Great time, great belts.....Vegas buffets, eating for sport.

And then after brunch, all a girl needs on her birthday is a small bag from Tiffany's.

Ashleigh is absolutely amazing, I count myself blessed every day to be her mom.
Happy Birthday!!