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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Sayin'

Is anyone as concerned as I am about the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have a clothing collection at Kohl's? Isn't that awkward? What do divorce lawyers do about that?

Just wondering.

So I went to the Doctor this appointment was at 7am. No problem I get up early, and besides I weigh less at 7am than any other time of the day. Don't laugh, you know you hate to get weighed too. Anyway, I check in at 7am.....the woman at the computer wasn't all the way checked in, but there I was, ready to get checked in and weighed...... right on time by the way.....please know there is not ANOTHER person in the waiting room. Obviously it hasn't gotten out that 7am is the finest time of the day to be weighed. Anyway, twenty minutes later the nurse came to get me from the waiting room where I was waiting....all alone.

I got was awful.

Then off to the examining room, where I waited for another 40 minutes. I was deep into meditation at this point because I didn't want my blood pressure to go up.....deep meditation for 40 minutes. Total time waiting....60 minutes. Not to worry, I am kind of a zen patient. No problem....didn't even notice that I waited for 60 MINUTES when no one else was there. I left the doctors office with a fist full of orders for tests. A colonoscopy, a mamogram, a visit to a nutritionist, eat less salt, a flu shot and of course, take a multivitamin.

Couldn't love life more.

But here's the deal.....if I was way younger, which is what I used to be, I would leave it there. Kind of cranky about waiting so long. But you know what? I may have waited 60 MINUTES for the doctor when not another person in the world was there, but all I left with from the doctors office was normal stuff. And I am older now so I know that there is always a chance you can leave a doctor's office with really bad news.

And I didn't.

So even though I had to get weighed, and explain one more time that I DON'T have a family history. Not a family history of heart disease or diabetes or colon cancer ......I don't have a history.....period. So give me the freakin' test....give me every test you have. I will happily take the tests because right now I think all of those tests are going to come back just fine.....and I am grateful for that.

Speaking of being little boy plays football for Southern Utah University (go T-Birds!) His team traveled to Las Vegas last Saturday to play UNLV.....and they kicked their butts! No one, and I mean no one, thought they would win. It was a beautiful thing.....the best part was after the game all the fans went over to where the buses were and just hung out for over an hour. UNLV's fans left during the middle of the third quarter so we had plenty of room. We just smiled at each other, a little goofy. The coaches were so happy. Not "I just won the lottery" happy, but "I studied so hard and made a 32 on my ACT" happy. It was the best win of their program, ever. The thing is these guys know they weren't the first choice of division 1 schools. There are lots of players from Las Vegas on SUU's team that UNLV didn't recruit. Not good enough. Looked right past them. That rejection stings.....which made victory all that much sweeter.

Sometimes being told you aren't good enough is just what you need.

So get out the butt-kickin' machine Taluleh, and get it done!!