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Friday, April 10, 2015

What is your mission?

"When you live your mission through your business brand, mission statement and vision, then amazing phenomenal things start to happen.  Your perfect dream clients are drawn to you.  People get really excited about what you are doing.  They spread the word to their friends, they sign up for your services, they give you great testimonials.  You get more customers, make more revenue, and your business grows with ease.  And best of all - your team is more creative and having more fun than ever before because everyone is in absolute alignment with your Why."

I don't know who to credit this beautiful statement to.  A friend's wife put it together from some things she had I can at least credit her with recognizing the worth of this.

Everyone can learn from this, everyone can benefit from this simple, clear statement.  

Notice how positive it is....there isn't a bit of wishful thinking in it.  

What is your mission?  That is what comes from this, when you live your what is your mission?  Are you too timid to say it out loud?  Too timid to say you want to be the very best at what you do?  I read a Facebook post today from a woman who had invoiced a huge company. She was thrilled and better than that, her company was 3 years old!  She was living it...she was her mission.

Right now, sit down and write down what your mission is.  And after you do put it next to your computer, or your bed...tape it to your mirror.  Put it in your phone.  Find reasons to make it happen.  And when reasons occur for you to give up....counter them!  I think so many things were just that close....that close, and then we stop.  Right before we get there...right before incredible were going to happen.

We live so beneath our privileges...we listen to the voices who tell us we cannot do it.  Don't try, stay safe....

Nothing great has ever occurred staying safe.  Walk out on the edge and fly!