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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just a Thought....

I know this may sound odd, but I love politics. I always have. It was my major in college, and I loved it. How to run a poll, government in China, Roberts rules of name it, I loved it.

But not this....not this....current war. No matter what level the race is, the pattern is the same. Dragging a candidate out of his warm bed and stomping on his neck happens with every race from dog catcher to president....and you know what? It always has been that way. Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams went at it like the time of the election finally rolled around both men would have wild stories circulated about their pasts, charges of murder,adultery, and prostitution with the help of partisan newspapers and the year? 1824. The race was finally decided by the house of representatives, with the speaker of the house Henry Clay maybe tweaking the outcome..........the more things change, the more things stay the same.

And as much as I enjoy politics, I recoil at how much government we now have. In 1805 Thomas Jefferson said our government was too is a mess now. Government was supposed to be a condiment...making sure the clocks all worked and water when we turned on the faucet...but now it is an entity wielding more power than was ever intended. Comparable to unions, first created to keep children out of factories, and being a voice for the little instead of the factory owner taking advantage of the worker it is the union. Ironic?

A long standing argument between my mother and I revolved around abortion. I am adamantly opposed to it, my mother was in favor of it. And she let me know that often. I don't understand abortion....I also did not understand my mother's viewpoint until one day she told me her best friend had died in Chicago of a botched abortion. She told me how beautiful this woman was, how talented...but that her boyfriend would not marry her after she became she felt she had no choice. And she died from a botched abortion in the fifties.
That story didn't change my mind, we always have a choice, but I understood why my mother felt the way she did. I disagree with a lot of people, I believe the world was created by God.....but I do not believe it was created in 7 days. I believe in creative periods. For instance after all the plants and flowers were created that was "a day".
not a 24 hour day...but a creative period. But if you want to believe the world was created in 6 problem. Or if you believe in problem. I think we should be able to believe the way we want to without being ridiculed.

This presidential race we are slogging through is hard to watch, hard to listen to, and above all, frustrating with how the facts are so twisted . And they are all twisting facts. I don't know very much, but I know the difference between the tax rate of salary and the tax rate from investments......and for people who know better to say that it is unfair that Warren pays 15 per cent and his secretary pays more makes me angry. How do we know she pays more? Where are her tax records? And by the way the money invested and then taxed at 15 per cent has already been taxed once at 35 per cent. I mean that money he invested had to come from somewhere....right?

Whoever gets the republican nomination will have gone through the most difficult process ever. How many secrets could be left out there for the enquirer to discover?

However I wish the pundits would stop.....talking. All of them.

I wish editorials would be filled with opinions of ideas. Critical thinking....real ideas, I would love it.

And yes, character matters. My husband refused to hire people who cheated on their husbands or wives.....he told me that if someone would lie to the person they make the biggest promises to, they would lie to him.

I wish someone like William Wallace would paint and all. I love that Braveheart speech. I think the whole country would like that.