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Friday, September 28, 2012

Only Stevie Nicks could sort this out.....

OK, so help me understand this....we are not allowed, on pain of death,  to say anything negative about Muslims.   Some bad film maker makes a movie about Muslims that is awful on every level.   So our president takes out ads in Egypt apologizing for it?  Hmmmm.   Every person from the White House from the president to the dog walker has apologized for it.

I get it, it's horrible.  The guy who made it?  In America.  Free speech?  Nope,  not if you insult the Muslim religion. 

But  right there on Broadway in New York City is a play called, "The Book Of Mormon".  It is is insulting and is everything every proper Muslim hates...only our country cares so little about the dignity of religion in America that they give it every award possible. 

Let me get this straight....make a stupid movie insulting the Muslim religion, 14 minutes long, on You Tube and the entire Middle East comes down on you.  The most powerful man in the world apologizes to every Muslim he can find so much for this stupid movie that it gets embarrassing.  But make a Broadway show insulting the Mormon religion, shown every day, twice on Wednesday, give it every possible award known too Broadway. and that is not only fine, but amazing!!   The Secretary of State (someone who tries to mend the fences of holy wars every day) went to the show and afterward raved about it.  Raved....But she stood up in front of the world and denounced a 14 minute poorly made trailer on You Tube making fun of Muslims.....

14 minute You Tube trailer making fun of Muslims bad......huge Broadway show, hit, Tony awards, sold out every night making fun of Mormons....good.

Does this make any sense to you?

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel, hoping to get the world on his side so that Iran (run by the nastiest, weirdest leader in the world ) won't get the rest of what they need to build an atomic bomb and blow Israel up,  is not worthy of a meeting with our president....Pimp with a limp, Joy and Whoopi?  You bet!!  He is there!!


The day our Ambassador is murdered, Obama travels to Las Vegas to campaign.....a place not very long ago he told America not to visit.  A place with 12% unemployment.....and the media sings along with  him.


I don't even recognize this America any more.  I am mad a lot.....incredulous all the time. 

I need an exorcism.