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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Being Militant....

How do you handle situations that make you really, really angry?  I am kind of confrontational when it comes to things I feel are wrong.  I try and get to the bottom of it, regardless of what it might be.  Today was just one of millions of times I have revealed my feelings about life on earth.  I will draw the curtain back on a little experience I had today and see what you think.

I rarely take clothes to the dry cleaners, we are on an austerity program which precludes luxuries such as someone else pressing our things. But the laundry was piling up and my husband took the clothes to the dry cleaners.  After all they only charge $1.25 to launder a shirt, that is a fair price so I didn't feel too guilty.  My husband's cotton shirts were $1.25 a shirt and wait for it, my cotton shirts were $2.50.

Why?  Our shirts are made from the same material.  I didn't take a silk shirt in...all cotton.  All of them.

Boom...if you are a girl your freight is more.

So we had a discussion, the dry cleaner and I.  I showed him the material and asked on what grounds he felt he could double the price.  He told me, with a straight face, that he used different temperatures on my shirts.

I assured him if he did he wasted the effort.

He told me he knew more about dry cleaning than I did.

I told him none of these shirts had been dry cleaned.  They were laundered, exactly the same.

He told me, "I promise I ironed them on different temperatures, that is the way it is done.  You don't know how this works."

I wish he was right, I wish I haven't been doing laundry for almost my whole life. I wish I didn't know exactly how laundry was done.  I revealed this information to him and let him know that his 21 years on earth didn't make him much of an expert.  In fact if you are 21 years old, how long could you be doing this anyway?

I knew he wasn't going to change his policy, but if we don't register our displeasure about the
stupid things we will eventually explode with frustration.

I will never least not with frustration.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This morning I was minding my own business when I read an article by a woman I accidentally follow on a social media site.  I was very surprised that she had put up such a fallacious and contentious article.   We are a freedom loving people, right?  So there I was, personally (and it is all about me, right?)  attacked by someone who was supposed to be tolerant of others opinions and beliefs.

Her article was about my religion.  It wasn't even well done, they might as well have done it with a crayon.

Folks really should be happy I am religious, my religion keeps me from killing people who write stupid things about my religion.

But she meant well, right?  Comparing my religion to a cult is such a warm and fuzzy thing to do. Calling my children satan worshippers sure brought me peace.  The gazillion people who replied to her about the article thought so too.

So I am using this opportunity to expose a group for the cultists they are, tit for tat, you hit me, I hit you.....yes it's true I am finally pulling the curtain back on this group of ne'er do wells.  They are typical cultists, hiding behind a benign group with a seemingly innocent purpose.  I used Victoria Jackson's pattern on responsible journalism, I mean she has a radio talk show and a facebook page, so anything she says must be true, right?  I am sure she carefully checked her facts and would never allow sensationalism to creep in.  After all she did get her degree from the University of Saturday Night Live.  A hallowed institution for sure.  

The organization that needs to be exposed, for the good of my fellow



All these years they have been meeting and plotting and squeezing dues out of their members, trying to get the world to believe they are just a group of kindhearted, dog loving, flag waving folks, all the while hiding behind a bunch of adorable little bundles of fur.  Who would ever look for satan worshipping cultists there?  It is a brilliant misdirect!  But we are on to them and it's time everyone knows the truth!!

Just because a group of people don't seem evil, just because they don't look evil, just because they don't act evil, doesn't mean they aren't somehow hiding evil things that we just can't see.  I don't really believe in the old adage "that by their fruits you will know them".  After all that came from a book Victoria doesn't even think I read.

I have heard these people do crazy things and that is good enough for me.  Victoria Jackson journalism 101.....hearsay is admissible.

I found some of their literature to make my case that they were indeed satan worshipping, and actually got some ex-Pomerainan Club members to tell me what I wanted to hear.   I mean Victoria Jackson showed me that getting disgruntled ex-members to speak badly about a group is also a great form of journalism.

These ex-members all had legitimate complaints and concerns.  They told me all the Pomeranian Club members looked alike, they all used the same brand of blow dryer and hair bows.  Obviously brainwashing is being used to get them to look and act alike, and it is easy to believe with evidence like that.  

Shocking and dangerous.

And really what could their purpose be ?  No one is that nice, They must want to take over the whole Doggie world!  No one will ever be allowed to have any other dog except a Pomeranian!!  They must be stopped!!  

So the next time you see a Pomeranian Club member doing something nice, or acting normal....maybe even carrying on an intelligent and thoughtful conversation, don't be fooled!  Don't trust your instincts that maybe they are exactly what they say they are, people who simply love Pomeranians.  They can't just be folks minding their own business enjoying fuzzy little puppies.  That cannot be it!!  There must be something going on.  It doesn't matter that what they do is of no concern to me.  What they do doesn't influence what dog I like or anything, I just don't want them doing it.  So until I have real evidence let's just say they are satan worshipping, dog food hoarding, cultists out to take over the world.

BEWARE!!  You have been warned.