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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Some Days Are Just Wonderful!

Voting Day was a big deal in my home growing up. My father always took me along.  I went right in the voting booth with him, the curtain closed and there were levers to pull. My father let me pull those levers, we did that together. Everyone knew us at the polling place, people named Old Tom, and Shirley...Aunt Stuff and Billy Joe, Billy Bob and Bubba. People who worked so hard for the little they had. They were mostly fishermen as we lived on the Gulf. But there were car mechanics, and plumbers, there were landscapers and bartenders. My dad knew them all, from the man who ran the feed store to the folks who ran the small grocery we were a group of folks who leaned on each other and helped each other. We rooted for the small high school team on Friday nights, laughed and argued with each other at the county fair over who made the best chocolate cake. We attended weddings and funerals...we were a true small town in Texas. And all of those people were accounted for at the polling place every Election Day. No one missed....

I hope my chidlren have those kind of memories of Election Day. I have only missed one election that I can remember. But I do know that it is my responsibility to is my “burden of the community to bear” and I do it happily with honor. Most of those people who surrounded me at the polling place had been in one war or another and I do it for them and for all the ones who have gone since.

I am so grateful to live in America. So grateful to cast my vote...I hope all the winners do the best job they can, they are responsible to us.

So please go Vote!!!!