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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

Take a moment and ponder your fears....don't be afraid.  I am not talking about the typical stuff, heights, edges, snakes, the scale and libertarians.  I mean real things that go bump in the night.

Like being afraid you will run out of money...that you cannot provide for your needs.  So you pay bills at the last possible second, sometimes even late because you are afraid to send out the money.  You certainly don't pay a bill are afraid something might happen.  You don't spend money to fix something in your house or your car or your mouth because you are afraid to spend the money...the problem exacerbates and the money to fix it quadruples.  You ignore the phone because you are afraid of what bill collectors will say.  Awful, awful fear.

If money is not your fear, great, but look at the pattern.  Fear runs in the same pattern.  Fear is the same for us all.  It does take different shapes, different themes...but it follows the same pattern.

Until you face it, and begin to have faith.

I know that some of you will dismiss this immediately as a religious reference, and actually it is for me.  But no matter what you believe in faith dismisses fear.

Do you need faith in yourself?  Face it.....

I always wondered what the heck that meant, face your fears.  Then something happened the other day that was my waterloo moment.  I am weary of the same problem cropping up over and over again.  It became obvious to me I haven't learned how to be fearless in the face of this problem.  Being fearless is a pretty great attribute...but I am afraid to be fearless.  I have an empty cup of faith.

From the amazing Corrie Ten Boom

What happens when you let go and just leap off the cliff?  I have written about this is in the past, but nothing has changed for me.  I am still stuck on the edge.....holding on for dear life.....unable to just jump off.

Fear keeps us from trying so many things.  Fear keeps us safe, like some kind of creepy Stockholm syndrome.  Safe, but the captor is a harsh taskmaster...taking from us our peace.

What are you afraid of?  And is it worth your peace?  Wouldn't you really like a miracle?