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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Warrior Personalities and the wisdom of Stevie Nicks

Recent events have forced me to come to terms with myself.....and as my patron Saint Stevie Nicks says in the song Landslide...."and I'm getting older too." So I am no longer going to hide behind what I believe in. There should be at least hints and bits of who I am in the words I write.

I am coming out.

I am a warrior personality. It manifests in several different ways. For instance...Sam's Club....I am standing in line guarding my milk, eggs and frozen chicken, when I hear yelling. Unusual at Sam's...Mildly curious I look several check stands over and see a young man verbally assaulting a much older man. The older man was so afraid, it was awful, and worse yet no one was doing anything, not the customers, not the wildly tattooed checker, and security? Seriously? Sam's Club? Not even a guy from automotive with a tire iron...nothing. I look around at the pasty faced cowards standing near me and say, "is no one going to do anything?" The woman in front of me says, "you don't know, he might have a gun." A gun? Well, maybe, but I have 10 pounds of frozen chicken breasts, I like my odds. So I start yelling too. And I don't was enough to at least get other people to start yelling....we were all yelling. Yelling is a great distraction. Finally, the hierarchy at Sam's strapped on a few and got out from behind the counter. They escorted the older man to his car and did some heavy staring at the younger man. I mean heavy staring...the kind Al Qaeda quakes in fear over.

I spent the rest of the day wondering why no one did anything sooner. Is this what we are reduced to? A society of people who just stand there?

Part of the problem is we don't have anyone to believe in...our leaders aren't noble any more...Where is Braveheart? I want a guy with blue paint on his face and a feisty horse.... I want someone to stand up and say right out loud who they are and what they believe in, and that you should believe in it too! No fear, no worries about how it looks....just a good old-fashioned, straight from the hip, look you in the eye, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead kind of guy. Inspire me! Wouldn't you follow that kind of leader right off a cliff?
Recently I listened to the Prime Minister of Israel Bebe Netanyahu's speech to congress. It was amazing....I was ready to join! Forget the fact Israel is not recruiting annoying old white women. I was ready! And also forget my buzz kill friend Kedrick who wanted me to know both sides of that conflict have blood on their hands.....I loved his speech. I knew who he was and when leaders tell you who they are, at least you have a fighting chance to pick "your" right guy. But when they hide behind subterfuge and talk out of both sides of their mouth....beware my friends, you might end up with someone you don't recognize after the election.


We have big doings coming up next year. I hear 2012 is going to be the most blood thirsty election we have ever seen. Is the food at the White House that good? What is the attraction to pounding your thumb with a hammer every day during a campaign? Tell me!

And just to put everyone on notice, I am bringing my warrior personality right out on the porch for everyone to see. When folks get assaulted in this coming election because of their religion I will rally the forces of good and defend them tooth and nail.

Come on America!! If you know something is true, say it! Be courageous! Let other people hear you say it. Fear and faith don't live together...stand up for what you believe in, print it on your shirt...have cards made......and if you don't know what you believe in, for heaven's sake take some time to answer the nagging questions of your soul!

Where did you come from? Why are you here? Where are you going?

There are answers to these questions.....are you ready? Let's Roll.