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Friday, February 1, 2019

And the Journey Continues......

And The Journey Continues......

I am posting these pictures of things I couldn't do 6 months ago because I am focusing on progress and not on images I have in my head of where I should be today with my fitness journey. 

I have only lost 10 pounds so if you are looking for a quick fix this won't work for you. But my path is authentic. I have consistently exercised during this time and for that I am stronger, my numbers (except for weight) are right where they should be, cholesterol, heart rate, blood pressure, blood work and ekg. The endless squats have made walking and moving around in general, easier. My knee - the one with the torn meniscus 5 years ago - is not nearly as sore and I rarely think about it. And lifting things? Which in my business is every day and a lot, is a piece of cake. I wish I could tell you my memory is better but the power of a kettle bell only goes so far. 

My metabolism, always a glacier, since my surgery is slower because of the medication I take. And being constantly surrounded by food (and really good food) makes eating a challenge. 

I did the calculations in my head and reasoned that I would be 93 before I reached "bikini ready" and a 93 year old woman in a bikini is only appropriate for the you can understand my discouragement. 

I thought about quitting. I mean if my purpose is to look good (and who doesn't want to look good?) then what is the point? 

What is the point indeed...

I feel better and at the end of the day that is the point. Two years ago I was at deaths door, surviving was the goal of each day not a waistline. I didn't even think about my core because I could barely walk to the end of the street. I am not exaggerating, walking was a chore and I always felt like I moving through mud with each step being a challenge. If truth be told I did not think I would ever improve. 

The top picture is of me and 20lb dumbbells...I started with 5lbs.....that is true progress.

I am competing with myself and that's all I have to worry about. But I still remained so discouraged last week that I began looking for ways to quit.  I wanted to, I really, really did but I knew I would regret it. I  would be back to aching legs and knees, fatigue and even more weight gain. I would miss the flat out head-clearing-exhaustion exercise provides for me. But mostly I would know I gave up. 

Being honest I have not lost the weight I wanted to but giving up is not something I am willing to do right now. My friends are not letting me give up...Gene, Lisa, Sarah, Anthony and Josh just stared at me when I told them all I had considered giving up. They won't stop so why should I? And don't we want to take this as far as it will go? 

For the record I have not been hurt one time during this journey and I usually have experienced some kind of injury in the past that caused time off.  Because of not being hurt or too sore I have been able to progress. I have enjoyed the therapeutic massages that actually work out the old kinks and knots and let me feel so much better and I am relieved that someone takes my heart rate at least 4 times during the workout. After my surgery I felt like it could happen again...there wasn't any warning before, why would there be now? Exercise seemed too risky...

I am going to keep going, I truly am blessed to have such a fine group behind me...they don't think quit, they think next workout, next meal, get better...come back. 

And I will, because this will be me soon!!

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