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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Short Trip To Cold Creek

I kept looking for the Lone Ranger

A few weeks ago my husband and I went about 45 miles away to Indian Springs Nevada for a speaking engagement.  On the way back we explored a small community called Cold Creek.  Just a group of homes in the foothills of the Spring Mountain Range.  What we didn't expect was to see were wild mustangs everywhere.

They are just walking down the road...a mare and her twins

In the desert there really isn't much to graze on, but they found something to eat.
They all traveled in herds, this was the largest one.  All together we saw 7 herds..
The Alpha Male....He just looked like he was in charge.  Funny how leadership has the same look no matter the species.
 He was just, well, regal.

 This was the funniest one.  He just walked up to the car and seemed to want to ask a question.  "Have you seen my hat?"

 So they just meandered down the road.....

 The foals were always in between the horses, never by themselves.

 Here is the hood....I know most people find this desolate and charm free.  But I have found beauty in the desert.

It's amazing how far you can see, especially since we aren't even issued clouds.  Just one sunny day after another...

Can't you just imagine the incredible sea that must have once been here?  Or maybe a glacier came through a million years ago...whatever occured it is an interesting place.  Where only the most resillent reside.