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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fall Into the Holidays.....October 7, 2017

                          FALL INTO THE HOLIDAYS!!

Recently we were trying to think of a way to satisfy a request from the bank that would be fun, because banks are rarely fun. And then an inspired thought...have a party!! My friend Betsey is a great example because she never lets any occasion pass whether it be good or bad without having a party. So almost immediately the party began to take shape.

First thing don't let a little thing like dour bankers get in the way because........

So I started at the very beginning. What kind of party should I have? When? Where? 

The where has to be at our home...we have spaces everywhere to accommodate all kinds of gatherings. We have been blessed to host parties, showers, weddings, conferences, meetings of all kinds, thousands of kids of all ages at all times, political functions, and two funerals. So it has to be here

Then I had to think about what would be fabulous to offer my friends, associates, and clients. What would be worth their time to blast out of their homes on a Saturday afternoon?

So I contacted my artistic consultants on what they thought

 And My stylist

 And My Social Media Guru

 And My Photographer 

Not to Mention My Logistics Manager and his sometimes crew

Then there was my monthly planning Committee

So we all thought long and hard and made a dream plan. We would get Ray Ray to teach a cooking class, hands on and right in front of everyone...

Then we would get my famous friend Valerie Dimick to speak on really handling holidays. And the rumors are her book will be finished so she could do a book signing also!

Valerie at a conference she did at my home last year

Then we thought we could get Ray Ray's Artisitc team to teach a class on basic flower arranging, wrapping the perfect gift, and display some of our amazing products.

And of course there should be food!! How about all our favorite foods that you could make (or order) for your holiday dinner. 
And then guess what? All my dream plans came true! Everything I wished for is going to happen, so.......

Please Make Plans to Join us October 7, 2017 At 1PM  
 Buffet at 4 PM
Tickets are $50 but only being sold until the end of May
We take all forms of payment, Paypal and Venmo

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So this Happened.....

When you are addicted to channel surfing and the remote is broken frustration abounds.  My husband scowled at me as though the broken remote was my fault and insisted I call the Dish folks.

We were somewhere between a full on tantrum and a stroke.

I went on the computer to find the number to DISH, and when I got them on the phone I told them my problem.  Then they told me their problem, our account was nowhere to be found, not by name, address or phone number.


"Ma'am, how do you pay your bill?  Your account number would be on the bill."

"My bill is bundled with the internet and land line, I never see the bill.  I gave you my name why can't you find my account number?"

"Ma'am go to your receiver and tell me the serial number."

"No, the cord is too short to turn it around on the shelf.  Why can't you just find my account number by my name, this makes no sense"

By now my dogs are under the couch.

"Ma'am hit the menu button twice and when system info comes up the serial number will also."

"That does not occur when I hit the menu button, there isn't a system info on my screen."

"Ma'am what do you see on your screen?"

"It says, My Direct TV, search and browse, recordings, settings and info"

"It says My Direct TV?  Ma'am this is DISH Network."

Oh no....

So I said the only thing I could think of.

"Well, I guess that is why you couldn't find my account number, I am so glad I finally figured this out. Thank you....good-bye"

Monday, May 1, 2017

Solving Problems

A few years ago I wrote a blog called The Problem With Tall Wheat. The solution of this particular problem fascinated me. Paul Ehrlich wrote a book in the 60's called The Population Bomb, in it he said it was a fantasy that India could ever feed itself. Then along comes Norman Borlaug who saw a problem with tall wheat in that when it fell over, it took a great deal of room to grow. Dwarf wheat is credited with saving over a billion people from starvation because of how much less room was needed to grow the same amount of wheat. Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this discovery and a most unlikely solution was found for feeding people.

This world is filled with problems, I will not deny that. But it is also a world filled with solutions. I know that the negative emotions of anger, anxiety and worry keep us from finding the solutions. However facing a problem with the calm assurance of an answer is usually met with success. Not all problems are solved immediately, but they will be solved.

Case in point....we recently installed wood floors, they are lovely and the addition of 2 area rugs just sets them off. However the 2 area rugs pick up everything but money and babies, so they need to be vacuumed often. My vacuum didn't work on the high pile of the rug. I looked everywhere for the adjustment to raise the vacuum head, it was nowhere to be found. Rugs and floors covered in debris is a pet peeve of mine and it interrupted my peace. This morning I called the company and low and behold the adjustment setting is nowhere near the typical spot I expected it to be. It wasn't a lever, but a ring that turned which would adjust the suction of the vacuum and not the level of the machine. It wasn't a solution I expected.

Isn't that the case with many of the problems we have? A vacuum not working isn't a big deal, but the pattern for problem solving is the same whether you are vacuuming or feeding India.

1.) We have a problem
2.) We come up with a solution
3.) It doesn't work
4.) We throw our hands in the air and give up and in some cases just live with the problem (door knob stops working we giggle it rather than actually fix it, you see what I mean)
5.) Then when we can't live with it any more, we get quiet, sort it through and let the solution appear.
6.) Trust it will happen

I promise it works....