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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

Caucus, Superbowl, Ashleigh's lawsuit.....where do I start?

First Nevada's caucus.......simple. We had a great leader of our little precinct. No confusion, no problems....there are 500 people in our precinct, 47 bold souls showed up. We elected a delegate.....then we listened to folks speak about their favorite candidate. Every person who spoke represented their candidate well. Oddly enough their personalities were just like the candidate they chose to represent. The Newt Gingrich supporter was direct and to the point. The Ron Paul supporter was passionate about liberty......the Santorum supporter was the weakest. She was simply against Mitt Romney. I wished Santorum had a better speaker....and then several folks stood up for Mitt, plain spoken and to the point. I was thrilled only one was Mormon. And they all had good reasons......We were home by 11....I am a good American. I feel strongly that the presidential race is important....but Barbara Bush was right when she told a group of U.S. college students, "Your success as a family—our success as a society—depends not on what happens at the White House, but on what happens at your house." So no matter what occurs.....rock your house. Block the contention...hug your family.
Results? Santorum 2 Ron Paul 8, Newt Gingrich 12 and Mitt 25.....almost exactly how the rest of the state went. There are some voter problems in our fair state.....welcome to 2012....I don't think Nevada will Caucus ever again....primary next time, please?

Since my husband and children are Giants fans.....the superbowl was great fun....loved the catch made.....I love it when professional athletes look like professionals. And although not a fan of Madonna, I totally want to grow out my hair and dance more....she was doing cartwheels!!

Ashleigh's lawsuit.....5 years ago (count it 1 2 3 4 5 years ago) She got stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway. Stop and go.....and the woman in front of her stopped too short and Ashleigh ran into her. She was going 5 miles an hour. No damage to Ashleigh's jeep....but the woman she plowed into at such a high rate of speed was severely hurt......NOT. Our insurance company investigated her had pictures and everything, she went bankrupt during this time, Ashleigh went through 3 attorneys in this ridiculous journey.....the woman has 4 other cases, none of which can come out in trial....and Ashleigh lost. The jury, and heaven help us if this represents America, didn't even blink.....gave her every penny. The judge even said when the jury left that the woman would get every penny. How about that blind justice? Unless you have been sued you cannot know how it feels. This won't affect Ashleigh except in much higher premiums, but seriously? You do realize people can sue you for any reason at any time....right? When we were being sued people would say all the time, " drop the case." Are you kidding? Once the suing starts you are in for the ride until it is over. Our lawsuits.......there were 3, were soul wrenching. We survived, family and marriage intact, but the people who sued us have shredded lives. I think putting people through that kind of pain damages you in ways you cannot know. I will never do that to another person.

On to a new week.....a great week ahead.....