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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Computer is Alive!!

Ok so I am completely freaked out by what I just accidentally did. I was reading emails on my computer and something caught my eye. A woman I vaguely know on one of my lists suggested that I sign up for a "live health Club". As ridiculous as that sounds, and it does, I did it, I signed up for a "live health club". I don't even want to think about what I thought a 'live health club' on the computer could be, but the second I signed up things started happening on my computer that I wasn't ready for.

This is the message I got from my new "live health club", it said "Kim is your friend now. Kim has accepted your friendship request. You can now send messages to Kim. Send a message to Kim. View Kim's profile....."

Holy Cats!! The only thing that can save me now is an intervention, or an exorcism.

I don't know anyone named Kim, I don't want her friendship, I don't want to send her a message, and I am completely creeped out thinking I can view her profile.

All from a misguided prompt to sign up for a new "live health club."

Suddenly I noticed I was getting messages from all kinds of people, some I knew.. most I didn't....what have I done? Have I somehow attached the "live health club" to everyone on my list? Maybe, oh my do I stop it? I can't, it's going everywhere, and I am pleading with my computer to do something to stop it, sort of a war games kind of experience. I was either going to bomb Russia or spam the world. I started emailing friends, what do I do? Someone suggested I go to "edit friends" and then edit, edit the heck out of it. What? So, I go to "edit friends" and nothing occurs. I am helpless to stop my computer in it's quest to invite the world to join "live health club".

Oh no!! I am getting messages from Jason, Mary, Oscar...I don't even know these people...and then a friend emails to tell me she doesn't accept these kind of invitations,...of course you don't and you shouldn't, only I do bonehead things like this. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to send you anything from the "Live Health Club ".

But then I wonder if she should be so quick to refuse, I mean has she met Kim? or Oscar? How about Jason? See you at the "Live Health club".

Then I get this great preemptive kind of idea to send an email to friends that the "live health club" is a mistake. Don't open it I tell them...I think it is....ALIVE!! I have tried to unsubscribe and I am still getting emails from people I don't even know.

OK so unsubscribing is not working....emailing in some kind of "fire line attempt" is not usual "reboot" is not working, so without a huge amount of extra time to try and figure this out, I am simply going to expand my contact list. I could use a few new friends.
Hello Kim? Oscar? Jason? I'm Donna I like water sports and gummi bears, long walks in the rain and spy novels...