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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Computer is Alive!!

Ok so I am completely freaked out by what I just accidentally did. I was reading emails on my computer and something caught my eye. A woman I vaguely know on one of my lists suggested that I sign up for a "live health Club". As ridiculous as that sounds, and it does, I did it, I signed up for a "live health club". I don't even want to think about what I thought a 'live health club' on the computer could be, but the second I signed up things started happening on my computer that I wasn't ready for.

This is the message I got from my new "live health club", it said "Kim is your friend now. Kim has accepted your friendship request. You can now send messages to Kim. Send a message to Kim. View Kim's profile....."

Holy Cats!! The only thing that can save me now is an intervention, or an exorcism.

I don't know anyone named Kim, I don't want her friendship, I don't want to send her a message, and I am completely creeped out thinking I can view her profile.

All from a misguided prompt to sign up for a new "live health club."

Suddenly I noticed I was getting messages from all kinds of people, some I knew.. most I didn't....what have I done? Have I somehow attached the "live health club" to everyone on my list? Maybe, oh my do I stop it? I can't, it's going everywhere, and I am pleading with my computer to do something to stop it, sort of a war games kind of experience. I was either going to bomb Russia or spam the world. I started emailing friends, what do I do? Someone suggested I go to "edit friends" and then edit, edit the heck out of it. What? So, I go to "edit friends" and nothing occurs. I am helpless to stop my computer in it's quest to invite the world to join "live health club".

Oh no!! I am getting messages from Jason, Mary, Oscar...I don't even know these people...and then a friend emails to tell me she doesn't accept these kind of invitations,...of course you don't and you shouldn't, only I do bonehead things like this. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to send you anything from the "Live Health Club ".

But then I wonder if she should be so quick to refuse, I mean has she met Kim? or Oscar? How about Jason? See you at the "Live Health club".

Then I get this great preemptive kind of idea to send an email to friends that the "live health club" is a mistake. Don't open it I tell them...I think it is....ALIVE!! I have tried to unsubscribe and I am still getting emails from people I don't even know.

OK so unsubscribing is not working....emailing in some kind of "fire line attempt" is not usual "reboot" is not working, so without a huge amount of extra time to try and figure this out, I am simply going to expand my contact list. I could use a few new friends.
Hello Kim? Oscar? Jason? I'm Donna I like water sports and gummi bears, long walks in the rain and spy novels...


  1. Donna, I'm so sorry this happened! Maybe one of your kids (they're WAY more tech savvy than we are) or one of their friends can help save your pooter...In the meantime - be wary of running in new circles!

  2. Oh man, that's just crazy. On a positive note, I am also a HUGE gummy bear fan. :)

  3. Hi Donna!
    I love gummy bears too LOL
    I can send over my three year old grandson to help with your computer troubles LOL
    My 18 month old granddaughter also can help. She's fixed her daddy's iPhone when one of his apps won't work. Kids these days....they are so smart! :-)