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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What does you the greatest good?

Recently a dear friend went to see Elton John and she told me he spoke about the healing power of music. That got me to thinking what else in our everyday lives gives us power to heal ourselves? Call it whatever you will there are things in our everyday lives that get us over the hump and convinces us not to slide down next to the wagon and just let the wolves eat us.

Play your favorite music..the music that gets you moving if you need that, or music that relaxes you, or makes you feel young... . but think about taking some time to discern your best music and make a playlist and then just enjoy it.

Laugh -  Who makes you laugh? Can you stay sad or stressed if you are laughing? There is a comic, sadly he passed a few years ago, but he just makes me laugh and through the magic of youtube I can watch John Pinette any time. Every time he says, "Get out of the line!" I roar!

Hold a Baby.  Is there anything better? And with so many babies in the hospital who need someone to hold them babies are easy to find. A sweet baby right from is just joy!

Essential oils....there is one called Whisper by Doterra that completely relaxes me and never fails to make me feel better all over, I love it.

Inspirational talks...I am a sucker for Ted Talks, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. And about a million in between...I also have become a big fan of Mel Robbins and her 5-Second Rule, admittedly well after the crowd, but I still love it.

Scriptures - There is a healing power for sure in words that edify. I find something rewarding every time.

Exercise...the folks at Xuberance will be the first to tell you moving around regularly is the best anti-anxiety drug there is. There is something amazing about holding a plank for a minute when you could barely get in the position 6 months ago...then do it 3 times! Feeling yourself get stronger while you continue to challenge yourself is simply inspiring. I have had lots of conversations with people who tell me they really want to get stronger, feel better and challenge themselves. This is the place to do it.

Contacting someone who has helped you - write a note, make a call, send some flowers...but contact someone who has made a difference in your life and let them know how much it meant to you. You will feel amazing not to mention how happy you will make the the person you contact.

Pet a dog or a cat - it forces you to sit down, breath and love it and the dog/cat loves it!

Take a nap - So many people tell me its a luxury but is it? You could be on your phone or shut your eyes for 20 minutes...I offer you, the nap!

Believe with all your heart it will be ok - yes you had a disagreement, or you were misunderstood, you were cut off or your pants don't burned the toast, forgot the bill, left the water running in the tub and didn't water your will be ok. All will be forgiven, folks will see what occurred, traffic is traffic and tomorrow don't eat the will have another chance to make toast and you can afford the late fee, mop up the water and buy a new will all be ok.

Enjoy Great Friends! This picture is of one of the best days I have had in a long time. Having dear friends from High School come over for lunch. We haven't done that in a long time and I adore these women! We laughed, we cried and we counted our blessings.

Breathe - My phone tells me to stand up and tells me to breathe, I didn't think I would have to be reminded but I do. Yesterday I was so stressed and my short breathing made it worse...I stopped, I started focusing on my breathing (I swear this works) I began to feel better. one minute of walking around and 1 minute of works.

You are going to have disappointments and successes, great days and not so great days....but when you find ways to take care of yourself even the worst days have some great moments

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Everything was ok until a pot fell on my head....

Not many sentences begin with, "And then a pot fell on my head..." but this one will. December is our gloriously busy month. We get the opportunity to bring sweet things to sweet people all month and things truly go quickly. I admit I am like Bambi on the ice when I get moving too fast..

It all started when I had an important meeting with Channel 13 and the Golden Knights about a lunch we were helping with at a local Elementary School. I was putting things away and not really thinking. I didn't see it coming at all when a 5 gallon cast iron pot fell on my head from the top shelf. The first moment all I could think of was how stupid that was, the next second? oh my gosh! That hurt so much!!! Luckily for the first 2 days I just had a numb face and a huge bump on my head, I got through the meeting and the lunch without frightening small children..but the third day? 2 black eyes that just kept getting worse! A couple of days later the headaches started and it was enough for me to get a cat brain bleed (yikes) but a pretty bad concussion. During this time I lost my debit card (finally found it in a plant, luckily I had to water it) and my only car key...I looked for 3 days until I absolutely needed my car and the second the locksmith pulled into the driveway I found it in my apron in the clothes hamper.

I went into this season knowing (hoping) we would be busy so I decorated early. I put up the new Snowman tree

As I take things down this year I vow to reduce...I vow to reduce....I vow to reduce...

What I also learned this season is how much more energy and strength I have. Although eating is my bailiwick (Oh how I wish I were that person who said, "I'm full" and then moved on...however I seem to be this person...that tastes good and that tastes good and that tastes good...urgh!!!) However I will not give up and I take as a win the fact it was easy to keep exercising - (until I couldn't exercise while my head was repairing from the concussion) The pattern I have started with exercise has served me well, and when I went back after a couple of weeks it wasn't painful. Exercise is such a great deterrent to so many things that make us feel old. I will be the first to admit I get depressed when I don't do something physical. And I am excited that I have become the queen of squats! So much so that people send me information on squats which I pass along to everyone. My mantra is-

Squats will keep me out of the nursing home!!!

The last one sent to me was from a crossfit post Chelle sent me.

"The squat (sit to stand) is essential to your well-being. The squat can both greatly improve your athleticism and keep your hips, back, and knees sound and functioning in your senior years."

So I guess my mantra is a good one. Go and do some squats! And if you don't have the discipline to do them on your own go to a class, find a trainer, hop on youtube, but do some squats every day!!

Every day.....
Veggies and fruit
10 minutes of sunshine
40 squats
Learn something can be anything even if you have to go online to "Obscure facts"!!!

It's a new year and although I am not big on resolutions (usually broken by January 16th accompanied by a feeling of failure) I am a big fan of starting over, new day, new way of thinking, forget the past...
We can do anything we set our mind to...But you must believe you can do it. Until now I have not believed I can lose weight. I have been negligent of my health for so long that it is taking me a bit of time to dig out of this hole. But after proving to myself I can exercise, lift heavy weights and bring
down all my numbers I now realize I can also lose weight. I do believe I can do it.

I can do this...Watch me...

I am amazed at the changes so many of my friends have made at Xuberance, they are thinner, stronger and much healthier. A dear friend that we do a Christmas party for every year told me how intrigued she is with what I am doing. Although she is very thin she admitted she isn't very strong and she wants to be stronger. I hope she comes down to Xuberance (702-750-9420) to meet the amazing people there, people who want to help, guide, encourage and teach everyone who comes in. I know how hard it is to get started, so let someone else do the hard work of figuring out what is best for you. It is an experience that is worth every effort to get there.

Happy New Year, my wish for you is you achieve everything you want. Believe it!!!