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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just saying

So I have been away from writing for awhile, so I have a few thoughts...nothing real serious..

I changed my perfume...I wore Ysatis for over twenty years....if you missed the memo, I am reinventing myself, changing all kinds of things about know every journey begins with a single first step is huge.
New Perfume. I like it.

I am glad I am not in Libya. Muammar Gaddafi (what can you say? There is nothing funny here)........... I just heard a guy on TV being interviewed about his parents who have lived there since July and are trying to leave Libya. He said they are very low key and this is the first time they have ever lived abroad. First time they lived abroad and they chose Libya? Wow...isn't that like your first trip in a plane is on a nuclear warhead?

Our girls basketball team is really good and they regularly beat other teams by a whole lot. There isn't a lot of competition in our division so the score is often lopsided. They are a team of 10 players, no starters, she just rotates them in all the time. So she can't take the "starters" out...anyway an edict came down from on high that if the team wins by more than 50 points the coach will have to resign. The coach has never run up the score on purpose, they just play...and they play hard. They work hard....but now they are being told not to work hard, don't play mediocre. Wow.....I hope these same guys aren't in charge of say...medical school. OK all you medical students who are making straight A's....the B and C students are feeling badly....could you miss a few shots, I mean a few questions? Could you slip up in a surgery so the other guys feel better. After all we don't want you to be too smart. What's next? No Valedictorians? I bet that make the rest of the students feel bad. You know the ones that didn't do their homework or read the books? Oooooh thats the CPA, Vet, Attorney, Teacher, I want, the one who barely graduated. Jimmer is making too many shots....he has to slow down...slow down for what? To let the rest of college basketball catch up? It won't happen, sometimes people are that good, that driven...No one should be punished for working hard and doing an excellent job.
I am so tired of mediocrity being required.

I visited a remarkable friend last night. Just saying that there are amazing people out there in the world, dealing with struggles and trials with grace. I love friends that edify.

Have you ever thought about where you want to be in ten years? I have been. I would like a be surrounded by plants all day would be heavenly. Oh, wait I already am surrounded by only sustained hobby since middle school. I have plants everywhere in my house...a new leaf gives me a thrill. But I would still like a greenhouse....

The madness that is March is right around the corner...for my friends in India that would be basketball to be specific. It takes our mind off of Libya anyway. Texas is number 5....hook 'em!!

My son called today to tell me that Spring Football starts in a few weeks. Thank goodness......hasn't it been absolute weeks since the super bowl?

Does anyone set goals? I have always been against it since it just reminds of one more thing I am not doing....

We had a really bad cold snap and so many plants outside died...but the weeds keep growing. How is that even possible?

On to the Oscars...whatever will I wear?