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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ho Hum....

So today is one of those know those days when you just don't want to do anything.  The problem is I have to do everything.....the house has reached critical mass, and it is vital for sanity that I finish what I started yesterday.  I have a monkey I clean here, and I clean there..... now I have a bigger mess.

I need to talk myself into this....

My grandmother, Minnie, who totally rocked, would always tell me..."Donna Lynn (all girls from Texas have 2 names - I knew when I was little that only the unloved girls had just one name) I am not afraid of work...I can lay down right beside it and go to sleep."

Don't you love that?

Minnie told me that having silver was a wonderful thing, but then she would wink and add that it was even more wonderful to have someone clean it for you.  I do have her silver, sadly I have never had anyone clean it for me.

She loved to meet my friends, always measuring folks with her special yardstick..."Donna Lynn, she seems like a sweet girl, but does she set a nice table?"  To her setting a table was a barometer on how much we care about our family and guests.  As harsh as that sounds, I understand it.  Going to a little extra trouble makes folks feel more important.  And that is what she liked to do.  Just make people feel better....and she knew food, a great story and a comfortable chair could do that......but she never took it all too seriously, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at half time of the Texas - Texas A&M game!
Every time I set my table I think about her.  She didn't save her things, Minnie assumed that every day was a special occasion.  "Y'all will never know what tomorrow brings...enjoy today."

My grandmother loved to fish, she loved jewelry, plants of all kinds, me....and her "things".  I have most of her things, my silly cousins didn't marry very well, so when she passed away, they didn't want the silver.  My husband wondered why I wanted it too.  He thought it was just a lot of work.  And it is.....but it soothes the soul.

OK, I feel better, got to get back to work, silver to polish, plants to water....Y'all have a great day!!