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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stay in the light

The other day I was annoyed, mad, angry, cresting on a tantrum because I didn't think there would ever be enough time to write.  I have to work and when I am not working I think about work, which translates to me that there isn't time to do what I really want to do.  (I make these leaps often, see my husband on this.)  I know there is a bestseller just under the surface if only I had the time.......uh, oh sure....bestseller...more time should do it, right?

 Blah, Blah, Blah...

As I considered being shortchanged with the whole unfairness of it all, the madder I became. What an unhappy emotion anger is! It robs us of finding solutions or feeling hope. Steeped in anger I was standing in such darkness I couldn't see that this episode was strictly focused on me......

I, I, I, I.

It is true that concentrating on ourselves simply does not provide the right amount of light to create, stay positive, be productive or have hope. But I was too mad to realize that.

I, I, I.....

Then this came to me...

"Creativity cannot occur when anger is your dominant emotion."

I know that wasn't my thought because I was too mad to be smart.  After that idea settled on me a brilliant article on creativity showed up on my emails, which led me to reassess.  The ideas were positive and full of possibilities. It was easy to see my flourescent anger as it glowed alongside what the article was offering.

As my anger abated I realized lots of writers have day jobs.  After all, Chekhov was a doctor.  (Maybe that's why he wrote short stories.)

Who knows if I have a bestseller, or even another readable sentence in me? What is obvious is I am the only one standing in the way of finding out. Creativity ends at the base of anger.  Outside of Mein Kampf what has ever been written in anger that lives on?  Twitter, Facebook and texts are the graveyard of so many careers, relationships or futures when in the hands of angry people and a keyboard.

We must believe we can accomplish what we have been called to do or it will never happen.

Nothing is created with inertia, because energy is required to be creative. What are high energy emotions?  Hope, faith, charity, love, optimism, belief in ourselves and those around us.  Tell your spouse, children or any other loved ones...."I believe in you, I trust you, I love you."

Just watch their reaction after hearing that....they will simply fly!

And then turn those words to yourself....stay in the light.