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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Joy To The World!!!

My favorite Christmas song is "Joy to the World!"...I especially love Mariah Carey's rendition because she includes my favorite Three Dog Night song also named "Joy to The World"....."

Joy to the fishes in deep blue sea, joy to you and me!"

I have so much to be thankful for starting with this day.

November 21, 2016 folks didn't think I would live. The surgeon gave my family a very grim prognosis. My friends told me as they sat in the waiting room the nurses looked at them with such sadness. They didn't think I would survive, I still cannot wrap my head around the fact I almost died.

But I didn' now what?

Over the last year I have recuperated both physically and mentally. Physically the body reminds you everyday what a miracle it is. I watched my scar heal (I think it accentuates my cleavage) felt myself getting stronger and simply marveled at what can occur after an almost catastrophic event. Each time I went to the doctor, they told me how well I was doing and then in September the doctor said I didn't have to come back for a year. I only take 2 medications, they have asked that I eat well and walk 30 minutes a day. That is actually harder than it seems for me....I am still working on that!

But mentally I did what I always do...think, think and overthink. To say I overthink is an understatement. In fact as soon as I woke from my surgery and everyone started to tell me what happened I began wondering why I lived. My internist spent some time with me explaining what had occurred and how I almost died. My surgeon, my nurse, and then another nurse who wasn't even helping me came in just to talk...because I had almost died. I couldn't comprehend what happened, or what to do next.

To be given another chance is the underlying theme of the best stories. What should I do with mine?
First you don't have to have a dramatic event in your life to have another chance. Each day is a new chance. The sunrise is a metaphor for a new beginning and I have found a new beginning is something we all want. Its why we do so much of what we do, we buy self help books searching for a do over, we buy new things searching for a do over....we move for a new outlook. And nature backs that up with a change of seasons...all to remind us to start over, leave what doesn't work behind and find new ways to be happier. Because being happy is the reason we are here.

Over the last year I met my biological family. To say it was one of the best days of my life is another understatement. They are the nicest most genuinely loving people I have ever met. To sum it up my brother said to me, "If I knew you were out there, I would have come looking for you." It was pure love. And a story that must be told if for no other reason to testify of the love of family.

Over the last year our business has grown and we have met and served some of the nicest people ever.

Over the last year I have spent time with friends, with my plants, my silly dogs...visited New Orleans and my beloved Texas. I toured Louisiana, the land of my people, and had as much gumbo as I could legally eat.

Last Mother's day my daughter surprised me with the news I was going to be a grandmother and my son is close to an engagement to a really beautiful girl.

Over the last year my husband had a stay in the hospital for complications from diabetes that had a very positive outcome. He is taking better care of himself and is enjoying his "do over." And he is now recuperating from double hernia surgery. We are hoping our "major medicals" are behind us.

But regardless what might be ahead for us what I intend to bring to everything is joy. Joy to the world! We all have today..a day to do great things. We can make a difference in peoples lives for the better every day. What does it take? Hardly anything...a kind word in a grocery line, ignoring someone cutting in front of you on the freeway, sending a thank you to someone, checking on someone you know needs support. Put yourself out bold in helping, don't worry if you are intruding....99% of the time you aren't and if you are then you are guilty of caring. Not a bad thing, right? And above all.....Smile!

I have stories to tell, people to love and adventures to have....I will stop wondering why I lived and simply live....but live with Joy!!!