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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Talulah

Dear Talulah,
I know I haven't written for awhile, I get busy, and when I have a second I find the only thing that interests me is pointing the remote at the TV. And then when I realize how much time I have wasted I feel so guilty! But not enough to stop....typical.
Things here are the same, we are still trying to find an industrial kitchen to cater from, or a full on store front....we keep trying to find the answer, but it's not coming. In the mean time Raymond continues to improve his recipes for pizza and pasta, and a million other things. He does know how to make food sing.
I had a really disturbing thing happen the other day....Remember when I wrote that blog, you know the one about me pouting that a minister called my religion a cult? I was trying to be funny, but one person didn't find it too funny. She wrote to me and said it was good that Mormons were being scrutinized because she had had such a terrible experience with some of her family that had joined the Mormon Church. I was horrified when I read what had happened. It seems that her brother had joined the church and he and his wife decided that the rest of family was an evil influence on their children. What do you say after that? Except that her brother and his wife are NUTS. Who does that? How does anyone call their own family an evil influence? How can you profess to love God and then hate His children? I wrote back to her and told her that was not what Mormons are supposed to do.....we are supposed to be at least nice, and definately less like a donkey than that. How was she to know that all Mormons aren't taught to avoid family members who don't "see the light"? We had known each other through our children and I always wondered why she never seemed comfortable around me. I figured she was just shy....I had no idea I represented the devil himself to her. A reminder of a faith that had taken her family from her. Me, cute little Donna.....

When did religion become a club we can hit other people over the head with? Oh, yeah.....from the very beginning. From Cain to Caligula, people who can be jerks sometimes hide behind God and then use Him to justify ghastly behavior. I am pretty sure God would not like that.... wonder folks get a little crazy about religion. We have really messed it up.

Remember when Uncle Bill wouldn't go to church and Aunt Stuff said how great church was and if he didn't go then he was going to hell, and Uncle Bill said he would go to church when Aunt Stuff's dad gave the money back to the Baptists and apologized for running off with the church secretary?
Remember when Aunt Stuff ran over Uncle Bill's football that was autographed by Earl Campbell himself? And then Uncle Bill said religion was baloney because if it was so great they wouldn't fight about it every Sunday.....Remember when Aunt Stuff said Uncle Bill's parents were never married? To everyone at Aunt Barbara's birthday party?

Oh, my don't we love religion.

Loving God is supposed to change you....make you want to be better, different than you used to be. God would never tell us to abandon our families because we didn't see Him the same way.
I am not even very smart and I can see that.

I am so glad my friend took the time to write that letter to me. I learned a lot from her, one thing in particular......she said we never know the burden another person is carrying. How true is that? I read that we should treat everyone as though they are having the worst day of their life and we will be right fifty per cent of the time. I wish I would remember that, and stop thinking of myself so much....and how I am hurt, how things affect me, blah, blah, blah. Maybe I could take a look at folks around me.

I wish I was more like you Talulah.....even though you are a heathen Episcopalian. I tell you what, if you get to heaven before me talk me up OK? And if I get there first I will polish the seat next to me.....unless I end up with Uncle Bill.