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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Book Signing, Conference and Babies!!!

One minute my home is bursting from the seams...the next minute I can hear the clock tick. It never fails to make me a little sad when a great event is suddenly over and everyone leaves. I am not complaining because this weekend was so much fun, but when it’s over.....what am I saying? We will just plan another!!

Last weekend started off with a book signing Friday night. And it was gift to me. Joan Snyder, now Joan Moran, was my high school speech teacher, the one teacher who took me seriously. Last year I saw her on facebook and timidly asked if she remembered me. After assuring me she did we had great fun catching up. In January I saw her newest book was about to be published so I mentioned if she was ever in Las Vegas I would love to host a book signing for her. She told me she was coming to town in April to visit family so we quickly arranged a date.

We all had that “one” teacher, didn’t we? The one that changed how we look at ourselves? Mrs. Snyder was that teacher for me, she was the gold standard at our high school where she taught drama and speech. One day she asked me to be in a county wide speech contest and I was thrilled thinking it would be fun but knowing I didn't have a chance. I worked on the speech in front of her, our class and the mirror! I came in third and called it good, but not Mrs Snyder. After the results she flipped her cape around her shoulders and moved with “loud heavy steps” right up to me. I thought her obvious displeasure was because I hadn't placed higher. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "If you were a boy you would have won!" A moment that forever changed me because someone I looked up to so much thought I should have won. Coming in third was the best thing to happen to me because I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much from a first place finish. Now I knew I was a good speaker and boys had an advantage. I have used my speaking ability throughout my life and I never let the boys get in the way!

My third place trophy

 Raymond did flowers and provided incredible was a perfect evening. (Thank you Ray Ray!)
 A little bread is always good, right?

 The people who came to celebrate Joan and her book were was the Algonquin Round Table!
We had a fascinating discussion about Cuba.
 Joan read from her book, discussed some of her strategies for writing and gave us all hope to have a book signing of our own one day!

High School pals together was really a great evening.

But the weekend wasn't nearly over!! My darling daughter Emma, her husband Kacy and their perfect baby Scout, my first grandchild came to town for the book signing and conference.

My other 3 children Ashleigh, Trey his wife Heidi and their perfect baby my little Fallon, Mikey and his wife Alexi came over Saturday and Sunday for food, laughs, watching conference and just being together...It was the best! Having a family like this was the one blessing I truly wanted in my life and I am beyond grateful for them. Forgive me for the over abundance of pictures, but this was a great weekend for so many reasons. I just feel like celebrating!! I wish you the very best, I pray the windows of heaven open up for you in every way you need. 

 Little Fallon

 And little Scout..

 First golf lesson.....

From our family to yours....xxoo