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Friday, July 9, 2010

He is Home!!!

Can you believe it? He really is home.....we have been making fools of ourselves since he came down the escalator at the airport Tuesday night.

We touch him......a lot.

And we smile even more....

There just aren't a lot of times in my life that equal the other night. Seeing my son after two years was almost surreal.

When I saw him, and he looked so great, and had the biggest smile it was as though he had not ever been away.

But he was away...for two years. He sure grew up a lot. Now he understands that the most satisfying parts of life revolve around helping other people. And he found out how to work hard, to love without expecting anything in return.

And can you believe it? He eats fruit now....

So he is home. I think he is glad to be home, but sometimes I am sure he misses being a missionary. He will be thinking about these last two years for the rest of his life. There is nothing else he could have done over the last two years that could have even come close to the experience he had. We drove up to Utah today to see about school....and on the way back he told me story after story....some were sad, some were funny, and all of them were life altering for Mikey.

Welcome home Mikey, thanks for the ride, it was so much fun. But I am so glad you are home!!