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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sometimes Life is Left in the Hands of Amateurs

Last Thursday I received a message on Facebook from the husband of a dear friend.  He told me Ann (his wife, my friend) had finally given him permission to tell people she was going in for an operation to remove a tumor on her intestines.  They had found it by chance, of all things, through a cough.  After a series of specialists, and almost 5 months, they finally found the proper diagnosis.
I called last Friday night, I had to know what to do...but what could I do but listen and pray.  The operation was to be intense, and she would be hospitalized for a week.  We spoke about how blessed she was to have such incredible health care and how carefully she had been led to the correct diagnosis.  Both of her sons are doctors and they concurred she was incredibly blessed.  Most of these cases are not found until it is very difficult to treat, instead of simply difficult to treat.  

We hung up on the note of a very cherished friendship of thirty years....through children, marriages, big problems and small ones.  Even though she lives far away, distance has never been an issue.  She is my friend, my sister in life and I so wish I could be there with her.  I adore her.

Today I received another message from her husband.  He told me the operation was very long, and more involved than they anticipated.  They wouldn't know the results of the tumor for another couple of days.  His anxiousness and worry were palatable and then he said something I wasn't expecting.  He had been putting off telling her that their son, Brian, had passed away during her operation.   I knew he was failing from brain cancer, but I didn't think it was eminent.  He closed by asking for my prayers....a dad who had lost his son and was so concerned for his wife only wanted my prayers.  I couldn't move....I was paralyzed for a moment.  How could this have happened?  There was not a better man than Brian......He was a young man with a sweet wife, twin daughters and a son.  He was a doctor, a hiker and a Texas Aggie Alum.

I am an amateur on life because I just don't get it.....there are so many awful people who we could gladly give over instead of someone as kind, sweet and good as Brian.  He was making a difference in the world, he was a good doctor, an incredible father, and an adoring husband.  

I am an amateur on life because I don't focus on what is really important.

I am an amateur on life because I have to be reminded every day as to the true purpose of my life, why can't it hold over just one day?

I am an amateur on life because I don't really understand that I can be right or I can be happy, but I won't be both, because if I "have" to be right at the expense of others, I will not ultimately be happy.  
Rancor is never peace.  

Brian is at peace, his family is comforted by the knowledge that families are eternal, and they will go forward.  No rancor, no anger...they will simply go forward.

Love you Brian...and just for you, Gig 'em!