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Monday, March 4, 2019

Releasing the Energy Inside....

What a ghastly couple of weeks I have had health wise...a truly nasty sinus infection that I made worse by not going to the doctor until almost a week into the nausea, hacking cough and over all feeling of yukdom. And then guess what? After I got better I was faced with the daunting task of what seemed like climbing mountains to start over with exercise. I hear from people all the time, “why does it take months to get into some kind of better shape only to have it dissolve in a matter of weeks?” But there I was with no physical excuses left doing the last thing I wanted to do which was getting up at 6, tying on the sneaks and trundling back into the gym...

Can I hear an Amen? 

In my journey I have discovered we are all made up of energy, and maybe you want to argue that point as you struggle from the desk to the couch to the toilet and back and feel anything but energized, but it is true ....we are made up of energy and all we need to do is release it.

Physics is on my side....

Newton's first law of motion is often stated as:

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. (The definition for unbalanced force is pretty long so I included a link for all my information seeking readers. )

What I gained from this is if you move your Arse you will keep moving unless you bump into another immovable object…a couch, bed, any place for me to just sit down, or even lay down. You get the picture. My watch seems to be in on this since every once in a while I get a notice to stand up. Holy cats, this is what we are reduced to, our watches telling us to stand up.(Oh, by the way, my watch also tells me to breathe...) I get it, if I am sitting at the computer for any length of time I do forget, but seriously how lame is that? 

So if we are made of energy...we need to release it, how do we do that? 

Easy.....Just move, and move as fast as you can. A friend told me the thought of getting up and moving was more than she could handle. Think about that because it is a Red flag for sure. If you haven't been moving then get up and go, don't even think about it, just move, for 20 minutes....move. The other day a woman told me her doctor said if she walked just 20 minutes a day she would diminish her chances for dementia by 40%. Incredibly important don't you think? By the way there are other things you can do to help that number be even higher.

Just move....

Another way to release energy to heal and support your body is through massage therapy. Now to be sure I am not speaking of a regular run of the mill massage, I am talking about massage therapy from someone who has been carefully trained and knows what muscle is connected to what muscle and can truly get to the bottom of things. I went in with a pain on my entire side that radiated all the way up and down. My massage therapist, Jeff (who is brilliant) was able to find the starting point and literally fixed it. I am grateful that he has amazing tools to "fix me". These tools include my complete medical history, my dexascan which unlocks lots of answers with my muscle tissues. He is aware of my workouts, so he knows what large muscles I have been working and through his amazing skills he can combat all sorts of problems I might have from my work. We have a great relationship based on complete communication so he knows I sit at the computer sometimes whole days, and also he knows I sometimes stand for 16 hours straight. A therapeutic massage provides more energy through increased blood flow which releases the energy I need! After a massage I have more clarity of thought, my aches and pains from life are worked through faster, and I bounce back much quicker. The last 2 weeks with the unfortunate infection I had have been super hard, but a massage gave me much needed energy and I know it was easier to get back to exercise. In the past this illness would have thrown me off for weeks as I found excuse after excuse for staying away from exercise. But Jeff, muscle memory and trainers Anthony and Sarah got me back fast! 

Reality is this, you have to move, you have to pick up heavy things, you have to do squats and you have to forget the diet and eat healthy. Consider an incredible massage that will release the energy you need to have better health. There are so many tools we have available to us, they aren't luxuries they are how we stay healthy, so please find them, use them and remember to never give up. 

If you can tell me what you did to move today I would love it. We are all looking for fun ways to move!!!