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Friday, October 18, 2013


Some days......some know what I mean?   It starts out the same way, full of promise . Yes I'm going to exercise, eat lots of fruit and high fiber.....and then I get out of bed and insanity ensues.

On the way to get my running shoes ( I only walk but walking shoes sounds old) I check my emails, which leads to my husband having enough time to catch up with me and ask again for the bank printout.


Have you ever done something on the computer that you have done a hundred times only to have it freeze and won't even close?  Or anything else?  I managed to google the solution...but it took forever.

An hour later he walks by and says, "no problem, I'll just get it off my iPad"  What? ....seriously?

No time to walk, wasted that hour pounding my thumb with a hammer.


Errands to to the post office to fetch my mail that is being held hostage by the post office because my carrier doesn't care for the bush that is next to my mailbox.  They decided to suspend delivery while the government was shut down which made it impossible to find my mail because no one would answer the phone.  Obviously the person in charge of answering the phones was celebrating the furlough.

We move on to the next errand, Costco.  When I got out of the car I decided to go through the enormous pile of mail to see if a certain check had arrived.  We were contracted out to cater a lunch for a man who worked at a large bank.  He was having a seminar for small business people, ooooh like me! And he wanted lunch for the attendees.  It's been 2 weeks and still no check. He had promised it that I contacted a woman named Olga to find out where the check could be.  She proved to be most unpleasant. During our conversation I asked her if on her way home from work today if she could go grocery shopping but tell them she would be paying for them next week or the week after...hmmm. And I told her how ironic it was that I had been late with a bill to the same bank, 10 seconds late,  and 2 different fees were assessed to my account. I was a bit cranky.  And Olga did not care.

We weren't able to find what we needed at Costco so back out to the car with a lowly case of water.  Checked my purse......and then that dreaded moment when you realize you have locked the keys in the car.


While trying to call the roadside service my phone died - by the way it died just as I had worked through the automated hell of,  press 1 press 2 etc.....the annoyance was reaching critical mass.  I found Raymond and used his phone...30 minutes later Pop a Lock was on their way.  ETA?  45 minutes.  Doesn't Pop a Lock sound like Greek food?

We went back inside Costco and decided enough time had passed to qualify for another round of samples.

50 minutes later Redondo from Pop a Lock arrived.  He took one look at my license plate ( longhrn)
And decided it might take longer since I was a Texas fan.  Seriously?  I thought he was from Oklahoma, that's right we whipped their butts last Saturday, but he was from LSU.  What did we ever do to LSU?  

He turned out to be a really nice guy, he even showed us all his tattoos.  When he got to the New Orleans Saints tattoo he proudly told us every member of his family had the same tattoo, all 8 sisters and his mom.  

Somehow he managed to get the lock popped and off we went.  

Some days our angels just have better things to do than watch over us.