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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PTWB (Post Traumatic Writer's Block)

So I have missed writing...putting words on a page is something that makes me happy.  I was so busy in December that I couldn't concentrate on writing..I would only have a minute or two, and it just didn't work.

Then my computer stopped working.

I could use the ipad (not good for writing - typing on an ipad is like running without shoes, you can do it, but it isn't comfortable) or use Ashleigh's computer.  I hate using someone else's computer, for one thing where is spell check?  I mean I knew where spell check was on my computer, but not on this one.  It is not good to use someone else's computer....It just seems too personal for some reason.  However I did discover how to back space fast.  Hey, I am not good with computers anyway, but I went from a PC to this Mac.  Not easy at all.

So, here is how it went down...I didn't have time to write, I was uncomfortable with a different computer...And then I discovered all of these weird, quirky "things" about myself.  Like I am no longer flexible, I get anxious too easily, and I worry too much.  So now I can't write unless everything is perfect.  Who am I?  Then I saw a website filled with the "rooms writers write in".   I was in good company except for one thing,  they were writing....I had writer's block and I was quirky.

Not sure how the quirkiness is going to wear.

My new found quirkiness has changed me completely, I still like Stevie Nicks and James Taylor....I loved the sparkly stuff at Christmas, and the music... I love decorating for Christmas.

Lemon bars.  I really like lemon bars, and s'more bars.

I like to put a ton of blankets on my bed scrunch under them and pretend I am in a cabin in the woods.

I love that herb tea with the cinnamon and spices in it.  I think it is called Cinnamon and spice, I found it at Costco.  It really is quite fabulous...

I love Duck Dynasty!  My fathers side of the family is from Louisiana,  so all the accents, food and foolishness is so much fun.

I know this post is a bit odd.  I will go watch the Braveheart Speech and muscle through the quirkiness.

Love to you all.