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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uncle!! stop it! ENOUGH!! I have had it, I say uncle, I say enough....I say no more politics, no more nasty commercials. Stop calling me. Stop writing me....don't text me. I am finished, I no longer care....and by the way your stuff is so bad that every time I watch one of your commercials I want to take a shower.

And there is more....Don't think I am partisan on this one, I am tired of every commercial, from every politician. I want Sarah Palin to stop talking, I want Nancy Pelosi to stop talking. I am tired of all of it. I don't care about witches, or college pranks...Stop!

My opinion not withstanding, I need persuasion, don't yell at me. Don't tell me I have to "fire" people. By voting for one candidate over another I am not firing anyone. That sounds ghastly. Persuade me to vote for you. Stop telling me to support things you don't even understand. Treat me like I have a brain. Respect me!

You want me to vote for you? Tell me how you will create some jobs, real jobs. Don't you wonder why we don't make much of anything any more? Maybe we make some things, but not much. We don't make a lot of toys, or furniture, TV's or clothes. America is an amazing place, we would give Iran a kidney if they needed it. We are the first ones to help in a crisis, we are innovative, smart and self reliant. We can get back to those days of inventing things, starting businesses, manufacturing things and depending on ourselves. But right now America is acting like a bunch of battered wives. And I will leave it to you to decide who is doing the battering.

Give me some hope. Remind me how great we are...If you tell kids all day long they are a nuisance, stop letting them make their own decisions, treat them like they are helpless and can't make it on their own, they stop believing in themselves. But tell a kid they are smart, and capable....give them responsibility, loyalty and respect...and they produce amazing things. Remind me how great we are. Remind me of building cars, computers and walking on the moon.

I am an American...I love saying that, I love living here, I love our freedom, I love being able to attend the church I want to, read what I want to and say what I want to.

Politicians just fight, argue, call each other names...And all of the ugly ads? How do I know if they are true? If you are low enough to say those things, aren't you low enough to just make it up?

I don't care what these folks who are running for office did in high school..or college for that matter. I don't care what was in their thesis....and if they are different now...GREAT! That's not flip flopping, that my friend is growing up. Sometimes we have an opinion and then we take it out for a test drive and it doesn't fit any more and we change our mind..... I am not the person I was even five years ago...a lot of things are the same...I follow the ten commandments pretty closely...but other things? C'mon!

So do you get it? I don't care any more, no one does...if we don't know who we are going to vote for by now we never will. So stop it. You are wasting money, time, resources and talent.

But good news, I totally didn't know there was a Baldwin on Parenthood. And he likes a woman who isn't 22. There is life beyond November 2.