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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just a few things and then I will let you get back to life...

I like stories with a good's a few finishers and a few finishers with a struggle.

My younger son is finished with college, my daughter is finished with her junior year of college, my other son finished his movie, my older daughter finishes everything, and my husband finished 5 seasons of Mad Men.

Are we finishers, or what?  Well, here's a few more finishers...

When we met last my bank account had been ravaged by an over zealous health insurance provider.  Here is how it went down in case something like this happens to you.

My first move was to the way, this is only helpful if you are on fire.

Second move was to call the bank and ask for their help, they started an investigation, it will take 10 days.  Yikes!

Then I called the health insurance company.  They immediately disabused themselves of any responsibility, I agreed that of course it was my fault.  I always pay an enormous bill that really isn't my bill.  After all I am still paying $6.95 a month on the off chance I may need to watch a football game from the South Dakota Jackrabbits.  My son's football team played there once and I signed up for a one time only opportunity to watch - silly me, I thought one time only meant one time only.  Bottom line from the note taker at Sierra Health?  30 days.   And If you just want to cause confusion, ask them why.  They don't know why, they only know to say 30 days.

After several more excruciating calls I did finally get the name of the woman who would be issuing the refund.  But she never answered my phone calls, messages or email.  I even faxed her.  Crickets....
I asked the notetaker if I could come by and pick up the check...they won't give out their address.  Is that what I want from my health care provider?  Complete cover?  I am renaming Sierra Health, Stealth Health.

Then a miracle, two days later my money magically reappeared in my account.  I called to thank Sierra Health, they had acted promptly and I was so appreciative I didn't have to go through a whole protracted thing.  But I was only allowed to leave a actual people were involved.
No one called back because they had nothing to do with the money magically reappearing.  It was my bank, they investigated for 4 days instead of 10 realized Sierra Health was wrong and reimbursed my account.  Hooray Wells Fargo!  It was magic....and wonderful that it was finished.

Update on my knee...I have an appointment with an actual doctor May 13th.  I report at 2:30 with the MRI in my hand.  Hoping for a quick fix, a quicker recovery and then back to training for the tough mudder, or 5K, or just walking across a room without pain.

I am looking for the finish line on this knee fun.  But then who am I kidding?  Every time I finish anything they move the line, I will never be finished.

And that's just fine....