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Friday, November 21, 2014

My Life From the Bleachers

I accepted a challenge to blog everyday in November, I did that because I usually have to be forced to do anything.  Except eat...eating seems to be the one thing I never forget to do.  I don't even have to be hungry.  Back to blogging every day.  Well, I missed a day, but a dear fellow blogger told me not to worry, keep going and remember this is just for us.  Made sense and was strangely liberating.  Then this week my daughter had surgery and I missed 3 days.  I couldn't get my iPad to work in the hospital so I thought, wait this is for me.  Pressure disappeared and I resurfaced today.

But I have nothing to say....

What do writers do when they have nothing to write about?

Well they reminiscence.  Trying to find anything to write about

They argue with anyone....trying to find anything to write about

They stare into space

They wish they had a better writing room

They read things they have written before and realize they have written crap before so writing crap now is not so bad.

They think about Wayne Dyer who creates a book jacket before he creates the book, props it up, lights a candle and starts to write.  Could someone create a book jacket for me?

This is what is next to my computer.  A solar generated queen who waves when she has been sufficiently shined on.

I like the Queen, there aren't enough people like her in the world.  Regal, focused, loyal, and protective.  I also loved Helen Mirren as the queen....

as a matter of fact I love Helen Mirren.

So this is what writers write about when they have nothing to write about....a statue on their desk.

No worries, no pressure, the muse will return.  Tomorrow is another day.