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Friday, November 28, 2014

A Daring New Experiment

Dear Holidays...
Due to too much eating, exhaustion, and a new pesky habit of the"half empty syndrome" I woke up....icky.  So I am trying a daring new experiment...full on gratitude.  Before life hits me upside the head with reality I am going to blast this day with gratitude.  It seems the optimistic attitude of youth bailed at about age 50....I have been struggling and by the way, winning, to gain it back.

The other day I wrote a blog on what I was thankful for...I felt good for hours.  Why pound your thumb with a hammer when there is a better way?

I am thankful the blog I worked on for 2 hours yesterday before turkey hours vanished.  I actually pressed publish and it disappeared.  In retrospect I was saved by the muse who knew it was not the message I wanted to send.  I am so grateful it didn't send, it would have been a mistake.

I am thankful and thrilled for my friend Marcia Kester Doyle has her new book on Amazon today.  For a writer this is the day!  The day crop comes in, the atom splits, the super bowl is won, the baby is delivered...this is a happy, happy day.  I am over the moon for her.  I know her family is loving every second of this with her which makes it all the more fun!!

I am thankful the holidays are ahead of me, and happy to pull out all my decorations which are sweet memories for all of us to enjoy.

Thankful for a husband who still loves me and randomly does things like this to start out the day for us...

I am thankful to Ann Cannon for answering an email of mine a million years ago.  I gushed over her column to such  degree she would have been justified in getting a restraining order.  She is funny, articulate, poignant and wise....and so is her writing.  We were pen pals for over 10 years before an actual meeting.  Through all that time she encouraged me to write, and because of that encouragement I have been writing.

So thankful for Valerie Dimick who showed me where to find hope and guided me through a very difficult time with skill and determination.  I use the tools she gave me every day and life is so much better.

I am thankful for new friends who are not only gifted writers but have become confidants and love to Carol Cassara and Carol Graham who have given me much needed confidence.  Not only helping with my writing, but with my business also.

I am thankful for a random post from blogging friend Cathy Chester.  A Facebook group of women bloggers accepted a challenge to post every day in November.  When I missed a day due to work, I asked if I should stop posting.  I thought it was sort of like a spelling bee, if you miss you have to sit down.  She wrote back and said, "No, this challenge is for you, keep writing."  She had no idea what message she was giving me, which was permission to write.  Without knowing, she unlocked something very deep inside of me.  Years and years ago my parents had discouraged my writing because they were afraid I wouldn't get a "real job".  I let them sentence my writing to silence.  For a long, long time I heard their voices instead of the muse as I tried to write.  Words wouldn't come, I needed permission to write and Cathy unknowingly gave it to me.  We never know the influence we are on other people do we?

I am thankful for my children, I never thought growing up I would have children. Being an only child and I never saw myself as a mother.  It has been the delight of my life. They are incredible people!!

I am thankful for Christmas music, lights and decorations.  I love every single bit of it!

This is going to be an incredible holiday, because I choose that.

I choose happy...lets all choose happy.  K?