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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Mormon Formal

I am writing this blog to put all your hearts at ease...

Good clean fun seems to have taken a big fact there are people out there who think teenagers have no interest in good clean fun.

But when given the chance, kids prove they are interested in just having a good pretense, no pressure..

I give you......the Mormon Prom...just a dance our church put on. There are Mormons all over the Las Vegas Valley, in fact over 100,000, so several stakes participated and it was a great event. A stake is just a unit of about 8 or 9 wards. Each ward has about three or four hundred members.

It started out as an inexpensive answer to the incredibly expensive (well over 500 dollars for some students) proms. Then it became an alternative to negative peer pressure. Then it became an opportunity for everyone to go, shy guys found confidence and a "safe place to fall." The atmosphere changed....pressure was off, it was just a great time to get dressed up, get a corsage, have a great dinner at no cost, and then off to a dance. They all still go to the high school dances, but this Prom is different....

The dinner I helped with was at my friend Susan Wise's house. She, along with her equally talented daughter Ashley, put together an amazing dinner. The tables were set beautifully, with fresh flowers, classy place settings with chargers, lots of forks and spoons to practice on, and candles everywhere.

The food was delicious and it was all cooked and served by their parents.

Everyone went to such lengths to make these kids feel special

It was an honor to serve these kids. This group was like every other group around the valley, student council kids, national honor society, baseball players, cheerleaders, student body presidents, volleyball players, football players, just all around good kids. Every senior I talked to had plans to attend college...doesn't that make you feel good? I loved it....

Just happy kids, enjoying being kids....

More happy kids.....

The dad's needed to take a break to watch the BYU game...

Four Centennial High School cheerleaders with the mascot - he is the one usually under the bulldog costume!

This kind of event was going on all over our valley. Small groups of kids invited to the homes of parents who make dinner at their expense, set beautiful tables, serve them, love them and then send them off to the dance. The girls choose their dresses carefully, they do agree to a dress code...nothing sleeveless, no cleavage, or too can see it doesn't take away from how beautiful all the girls are.

There might have been a lot of clean up..but no one seemed to mind...lots of hands, quick work.

Then after dinner they all left for the World Market Center in downtown Las Vegas. This facility is amazing and they had the entire top floor....and dessert. What could be better? Actually was just the best.


  1. Successful evening with successful kids! Our future is in good hands!

  2. Looks like a great time. Everyone looks so nice.

    It is crazy how expensive it has become.

  3. I am so proud of our Las Vegas youth! Way to have some good clean fun!

  4. Mormon prom is big here, too, and so much fun for the kids!

    What a great-looking group of youth you have!!


  5. I think that is a SUPER way for those really good youth to have a great prom and not have to look at and deal with all the immorality and immodesty. Just good food, good friends and definately GOOD fun! Kudo's to you parents who worked so hard to make it possible!

  6. Donna, this is so awesome and amazing. The youth are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this as a counter to the STRIP scene Vegas is known for. I will include this link in my final Vegas post.


  7. Thanks for posting good news in a day where all I hear is gloom and doom. Wars and rumors of wars. But there is still joy! Thanks, Donna.

  8. I am so impressed!!!!!
    Those girls in their modest prom dresses are so beautiful. What a great atmosphere.

    I had to laugh at the Dads watching the game. My husband would have been right there with them!

  9. My sister and her hubs just graduated from UNLV and I was pleasantly surprised how nice her ward family. Strong. Supportive. You just perfectly depicted my proms growing up. I hope to do the same for my kiddos.

  10. Thank you all for your will go down as a great memory...a great night, and now a great way to showcase the Saints in Las Vegas.

  11. Very expensive indeed! My daughter is going this year (her senior year) and the price of the dresses are highway I/We have been to several LDS events as I have tons of Mormons friends and I worked in a Mormon owed Optometrist office for years. I live in the Los Angeles area and we checked out the Riverside Temple and the Newport Beach Temple at their open houses....very impressive....but NOTHING like the San Diego Temple...just gorgeous!! Have a good one Donna

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  13. Posts like this give me hope!!!
    I love it!!

  14. Mormon prom is big here in Northern California, too.